#Exiled Polar Bear Tour

America's Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the nation, and Big Oil's plans to drill for fossil fuels in the Polar Bear Seas will just make it worse. So this fall, (costumed) polar bears will be traveling the country to show how climate disruption impacts all of us. Follow them here!

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  1. The day of action was a huge success! We delivered 523,000 comments - and over 1500 people made calls to the White House. Thank you!
  2. Today is the day! The polar bears are taking over DC - you can be part of the action by calling the White House for the Arctic today:  action.sierraclub.org/callforpolarbears 
  3. Ran after the #polarbear when I saw him walk past our store! #canikeephim #savethepolarbears #exilepolarbears That poor #dedicated girl in the suit
  4. delivering giant iceberg for GreenpeaceUSA to White House #ExiledPolarBears
  5. Polar bears don't like the heat - one suffered through some unseasonable heat in Portland, OR:
  6. Last week, it was unseasonably hot enough in #portland to make #exiledpolarbears cry. #climatedisruption
  7. And a more serious take on what's going on with climate disruption in Oregon: 
  8. People are getting into the action, too! Colorado...
  9. West Virginia ...
  10. The polar bears even made it to Miami ...
  11. #exiledpolarbears in #miami ! But #climatedisruption is a problem there, too. This guy was just trying to catch the bus and got caught in a #sealevelrise #flood ! #florida #nofilter
  12. Here's the backstory on that amazing New Mexico desert photo ...