1. In October, lead trade negotiators from the 12 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership, including the United States, will meet to discuss plans to wrap up international trade talks. While governments from the member countries may tell you they’re close to finishing the pact, we know that there are still many, many issues that are not even close to being resolved. There is still time to influence this pact, and these negotiators need to keep in mind is that the trade deal cannot be rushed - we simply can't afford another trade pact that harms communities and environment.

    That's why the Sierra Club was happy to host this week's #TPP Twitter Storm, a weekly social media event to raise awareness for an all-encompassing trade deal that is often overlooked by mainstream media. This week, the Sierra Club and allies took to Twitter to shed light specifically on how this sweeping trade pact could affect our communities, our environment, and our planet.

    Ilana Solomon, the director of Sierra Club's Responsible Trade program, kicked it off.
  2. For the next hour, friends, allies, and partners of the Sierra Club tweeted their concerns about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, elevating the #TPP conversation.
  3. The Twitter storm was a success, but it's up to activists to take this conversation offline and spread the word: we need a fair deal, or no deal at all. The Sierra Club tweeted a helpful toolkit to get you started. Act now!