cheap 2 month car insurance

cheap 2 month car insurancecheap 2 month car insurance


  1. cheap 2 month car insurance
  2. cheap 2 month car insurance
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEFINDER.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Car insurance?..........?
  6. Who gives the cheapest car insurance?!
  7. Cheapest insurance for vauxhall corsa?
  8. i brought one of those old cheap vauxhall corsa 1.2 L. for first car. anyone know where i can find cheap insurance? i tried all the comparisons sites, but there giving me stupid prices over 2500. the car is a old banger and its not gona cost no more then 300 to fix. am 24 years old."
  9. I need to know where i stand with insurance?
  10. basically a guy drove into the side of me and my car is in the garage awaiting assessment to see if its to be written off or fixed. of course the insurance wants whatever is cheapest and its looking like it would be cheaper to write it off. if this happens can i 1. offer to pay more on my excess to get it fixed? 2. get the car picked up and pay for it all myself to get fixed at my own mechanics? its not that the car isn't fixable its just that the insurance is looking at the cheapest option, which looks like writing it off, because my excess is so high, but if they do this i will never be able to afford the insurance, so would rather keep this policy and fix it, anyway is this possible and can anyone find a loophole?"
  11. Health insurance for 18 year old?
  12. I turned 18 at the beginning of this month. I want to get health insurance but all the places I've looked at so far said you have to be 19 and older. Nobody in my family has health insurance. I live in MD and I can't get state sponsored health insurance(even though I'm willing to pay for it) because I don't have a baby or I'm 19. I need health insurance for college but the one my college offers is too expensive for me. Help me
  13. "What's the cheapest car insurance company in Fresno, CA?"
  14. What's the cheapest car insurance company in Fresno, CA?"
  15. How much would insurance cost for this motorcycle?
  16. Hey guys I know you can't give me a direct quote or anything like that, but if you had to guess or anybody who you knew had one it would be pretty cool. Im 17 now turning 18, I have my own insurance and I've been driving for a year without an incident so my rates are about to go down. Its a 2013 r1, what would the price range be per month?"
  17. Does car insurance cover brakes?
  18. i have full coverg on my bmw and it need front and back brakes and pads will my insurance cover this
  19. How much does insurance cost on super cars??
  20. How much does insurance cost on cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bugatti, etc."
  21. Motorcycle insurance in GTA?!?
  22. Hey, I am 21 and has had motorcycle insurance now for the past 3 years and have been insured for a 2009 kawasaki ninja 250r. I am currently paying $1700 a year for insurance with td and have a perfect driving record. I want to switch my bike to a 2012 harley davidson iron 883 and just got a quote from them for $5500 a year!! I think that is ridiculous! Does anyone know of any good motorcycle insurance for harleys or are similar in age and paying less? I really want this bike but $5500 a year is nuts. I can buy a brand new ninja every year lmao."
  23. My car was much is my insurance gonna go up ?
  24. my loan is 25,000"
  25. Car insurance is soooo expensive is there an alternative???!!?