Industries Propelling Chennai into A Hub For Business Growth

Though Chennai was always a modern city, in the era of the License Raj, it had begun to lose its sheen, as businessmen required to get permission from Delhi to set up new businesses. By 1970s,


  1. Chennai had begun to lose its automobile share to other Indian states and it was not until 1990s that the city was ready to take on the world once again establishing itself as the hub for business growth. This southern metropolis is more than automobile now as it runs neck-to-neck with states showing spectacular growth in IT sector by offering residents and business houses the best of modern facilities which include v-fiber broadband plans offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

    Chennai boasts of other unique achievements — when compared to any other part of India it has more BPOs per sq. ft. As a destination to set up its back office operation, the World Bank chose this wonderful metro. The city is also referred to as the banking capital of the country as it houses all top foreign and domestic banks. It is home to various state-level and regional co-operative banks and four large commercial banks. Even in the healthcare sector, the Apollo Hospitals in Chennai set up by Dr. Pratap Chandra Reddy has been revolutionary. This is one of the major reason why the city is now touted as the Healthcare Capital of India, attracting thousands of domestic and international patients. The healthcare industry is pushing for business growth!

    As Chennai increasingly becomes the hub for software as a service also termed as SaaS, many SaaS majors directly competing with global leaders have found a home here. For example, Zoho Corporation is competing with giants like Microsoft while Freshdesk is competing with Zendesk which is considered one of the top three entities in SaaS-based customer support service. The many new age product companies setting up offices in Chennai are Indix, OrangeScape, ChargeBee, GoFrugal, Unmetric and KISSFLOW. Infrastructure availability, which also includes the best of v-fiber internet connection to keep communication fast and seamless with people across the globe, is one of the reason’s for the city becoming a major business hub in modern India.

    The economic growth simultaneously invites the grand symbols of urbanization and modernization which means that the people in Chennai will have myriad options in lifestyle choices brought in by luxurious malls and multinational brands. The avenues opening up for people would require them to make smarter and faster choices regularly. Hence, the internet has become a common reality for both individuals and businesses to get everyday work done and it is understandable why the demand for v-fiber broadband connection in Chennai is growing by the day. A city that has become the hub for business growth and shows such tremendous potential demands nothing less than the best!