Powers and Qualities We Are Granted: 1981 Gruhalakshmi Talk

The Left Nabhi and other aspects of Diwali: 1981 Diwali Puja Notes from Live Online Meditation (East Coast) on November 13th 2011 and the entire talk.


  1. Celebrations, Festivals and Sahaja

  2. As Sahaja Yogis ones should celebrate all festivals of all the religions, so you may be festive all the time around the world, and also learn about the cultures of the world.
  3. The one celebration that needs a lot of attention is that of the relationship between a brother and sister. The purity of this relationship is to be clarified and emphasized. 
  4. Once a brother-sister relationship is initiated, it should be bound by the maryadas or boundaries of purity. Younger men, or brothers of one's husbands are automatically your brothers. Similarly, all ladies older than you, or your wife's sisters are automatically sisters to you.
  5. Marriages and their organization

  6. There is no virtue in organizing marriages all the time. Some people are barbaric in organizing marriages all the time. 
  7. The Water Element

  8. Water element is the greatest purifying element. Lakshmi, the Goddes worshipped in Diwali is the water element. The test of purity is the ability to purify others. Else, the purity is not real. The water element will take care of both ego and superego: these develop when we are born in strong cultures with a lot of identity and conditionings.
  9. ...Fear itself

  10. Fears is different from humility: fear is being caught up on the Left Vishuddhi chakra. True humility will give us vibrations and fear will cause the left side to catch up.
  11. Powers and Qualities of Mahalakshmi

  12. Power is not a quality, its a characteristic set into action. Anything that cannot act on another is not a power. The power of Mahalakshmi is to purify, which are granted to Sahaja Yogis. Guru's power is balance. Another power of Mahalakshmi is nourishment, as you simply stand, you can nourish. Solvency, is another quality: dissolving anothers ego and superego. Cooling effect is another power. Permeation: ability to get to the roots of issues, systems and people right away - to quickly be absorbed and get to the root of problems. Glistening: the quality of water to shine. Reflecting: People see their own reflection in you, and this can be hard, because it may scare people a bit. The powers and qualities come from the water element. Another is subtle Pressure,  on account of the Guru qualities that start coming from Mahalakshmi. Glorification: Water is used to anoint "Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Kanti Rupena Samsthita".
  13. Significance of Kumbha in Diwali

  14. The pot is the sacrum bone, the water in it is the Kundalini. Through awareness comes dignity, which arises from the Mahalakshmi power. 
    "...when we become aware of what we have achieved of our self-esteem, of our dignity."
  15. Watch the full talk, available here:

  16. Gruha Lakshmi - Diwali 1981
  17. "... I hope we will be able to celebrate some more Diwalis together. May God Bless you." - Shri Mataji