Liven up a Space with Custom Mirrors

Adding metallic is a simple and elegant way to beef up the style of a room.


  1. When it comes to decorating most people don't pay much attention to mirrors. However, a mirror can add visual interest, style, and sophistication to any room. Instead of being just a functional addition, they could be the finishing touch on a design. There all kinds of mirror designs, from the sleek minimalist to the glamorous vintage and all others in between to fit many personalities and styles.

    They create a feeling of space an reflect light, especially in bathroom. Plus, in a bathroom, coupling a beautiful mirror with a nice glass shower could create an even greater illusion of space. But, whatever room a mirror is placed in, it will undoubtedly bring function and ambiance. Luckily, there are companies out there helping the stylish amateur designers of Atlanta and elsewhere bring their spaces alive with mirrors.

    In a bathroom, a mirror can have many practical uses, including being used for storage. But, this storage doesn't have to be the clunky medicine cabinets of the past. Today, there are mirrored fronted frameless blocks of storage that house shelves, drawers, and other little nooks. However, they are sleek and mostly used to mask the unsightly display of shelves and drawers. There are also some that lock for safety. Companies like Atlanta Glass and Mirror offer these types of features for atlanta frameless shower enclosure.

    Adding metallic is a simple and elegant way to beef up the style of a room. Designers can have their mirrors burnished with bronze, copper, gold to give their rooms a vintage look. For a more modern look, silver, nickel, or stainless steel are the best ways to go. Those who can't afford custom mirrors atlanta or have old ones burnished by professionals, should look into the option of using metallic paint to makeover their own.

    New mirrors can also be used to brighten up a dark room or design. Dark bathroom designs are best complemented with a one large mirror or with at least two smaller mirrors. This way artificial and natural light are reflected ensuring that the room is bright at all times of the day. To get this brightness, decorators should try gold vintage mirrors, or frameless, round "floating" mirrors. Round mirrors not only good for brightening up dark spaces, but also for softening the effects of square furniture and basins.

    A custom mirror is a simple and inexpensive way to revitalize a room. There are different styles for different purposes, personalities, and designs, and professional glass companies atlanta to help people find what they need. Not only that, these companies provide other atlanta bathroom glass to complement a new mirror and ultimately help a room come to life.