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The End of the Digital Divide

Series with Cheryl Contee, co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics; co-founder and partner of Fission Strategy, an Internet strategy and web development firm. Tuesday, Nov. 27, 12 p.m. #contee

  1. Listen to the full audio of Cheryl's talk:
  2. Learn more about her work with Fission Strategy and Jack & Jill Politics:
  3. And then she takes the stage...
  4. Great lecture on the digital divide at JFK School of Govt with Cheryl Contee @ch3ryl
  5. @ch3ryl sorry to miss you at @Kennedy_School today - I have heavily encouraged my #mppdigital students to attend!
  6. Cheryl shares some of her personal history, and how she came to the tech industry. Her two projects, Jack & Jill Politics and Fission Strategy aim to use social media to bring about social good.
  7. #contee organization fission strategy uses social media to advocate social justice @ShorensteinCtr
  8. Fission Strategy campaign push example jose antonio vargas had impact on #obama administration #contee @ShorensteinCtr
  9. In her early days as a computer lab assistant in college, Cheryl experienced a cultural and gender divide, but also acceptance and respect.
  10. Cheryl #contee describes what it's like being the only black woman in an industry full of nerdy white guys @ch3ryl
  11. @ch3ryl was not born a "blerd", or, black nerd. Inserts photo of Urkle @ShorensteinCtr
  12. @ch3ryl #contee tells a room of people she's a...blerd (black nerd) a former happy misfit w young computer supergeeks @ShorensteinCtr
  13. "In a room full of misfits, I wasn't alone." -Cheryl #Contee on choosing a job in the computer lab in college.
  14. Despite being only black person and one of only a few women, @ch3ryl never felt different in a room full of tecky misfits. @ShorensteinCtr
  15. She then moved on to describe the "Digital Divide" and how it came about.
  16. Cheryl #Contee asks, when did the #DigitalDivide die? When phones became cheaper, more accessible.
  17. Today whites are the ones who lag behind advanced computer media - digital divide ending says @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  18. Cheryl Contee @ch3ryl on when the digital divide died -- "Mobile social network usage is 55% female" @ShorensteinCtr #contee #mppdigital
  19. US ethnic groups and women lead US whites and men in usage of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile internet. #mppdigital @ch3ryl #contee
  20. Silicon Valley likes to think of itself as bigotry free- right attitude to have but not reality says @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  21. While tech users and consumers are mostly minorities and women, the creators of content on the industry side is full of "white college dropout male nerds." What is needed to change that? Cheryl says investment and training.
  22. Growing need for skilled workers in tech industry - but lack of training, lack of content & investment are roadblocks. #contee
  23. Investment lacks for women and minority entrepreneurs says @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  24. Cheryl Contee @ch3ryl on new digital divide “Unfilled vacancies in Silicon Valley have tripled in last year.” #mppdigital @ShorensteinCtr
  25. Poor and minority schools/neighborhoods are fertile grounds with overlooked talent says @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  26. Tech companies & small businesses should invest in training programs in urban, mostly minority schools - @ch3ryl #contee
  27. There will be no job in the future that will not require knowledge of technology says @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  28. .@ch3ryl "Inner city schools are where the next best tech geniuses will come from" #mppdigital
  29. @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr true power comes from nurturing new power. Decimate the new digital divide!
  30. Young minority students need the confidence to not only consume but create in the tech industry. #contee
  31. #contentisking RT @ShorensteinCtr: Young minority students need the confidence to not only consume but create in the tech industry. #contee
  32. Need political, educational, and cultural shift to tap into untapped talent in america says #contee @ShorensteinCtr
  33. @ch3ryl as you cried during your presentation @ShorensteinCtr I understood new visceral realities of reaching real diversity. Thankyou.
  34. many more black than white smartphone users in US but much lower creators of content #contee @ShorensteinCtr
  35. Blacks and latinos more likely than whites believe technology can advance causes says #contee @ShorensteinCtr
  36. SV xquisitely aware social good tools they create but not investing in non-white males to work on them @ShorensteinCtr @ch3ryl
  37. Small but growing change in willingness to invest in women and minority tech companies says #contee @ShorensteinCtr
  38. Great tech companies, ie Google, were created by immigrants. But we can't immigrate our way out of this. We need creative training. #Contee
  39. there are more tech jobs than people. chinese and indian ppl on work visas are not displacing minorities in US @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  40. not enough examples of minority tech leaders to inspire others? big catch up needed? @ch3ryl @ShorensteinCtr
  41. Thank you for a thoughtful and inspiring discussion, Cheryl!
  42. Watch Cheryl speak at the 2012 PDF conference on the End of the Digital Divide:
  43. PDF12 | Cheryl Contee | The End of the Digital Divide