Euclid - The Man Who Invented Geometry


  1. It's great that Storify asks you to add elements to your story. With Euclid, Elements IS the story. Or rather Elements is the title of the book that tells the story of Euclidean Geometry - starting with a fixed point and working out from there to describe the whole Universe - or at least the known Universe of 2300 years ago.
    It seems that children have not experience of Euclicean Geometry these days. This weekend, at the Wigtown Book Festival, I discovered they don't really have much experience of even holding a compass! ( think health and safety has ordained that they are dangerous weapons or something!) I think playing with compasses and rulers and set squares is an important part of learning how to draw - but then, that is seen as not worth teaching anymore either.
    So I realise my job is harder than I thought, but even more worthwhile.
    I've written an introduction to Euclid, making Euclid a character explaining his wonderful, simple, axiomatic approach to his friends, who follow along with jokes and silly comments. Euclid's Elements IS a story, but children these days can't read it that way. So I've made it a story that I hope is approachable and understandable.
    The children I've introduced it to get it - the kids who love to draw get it straight away! But there's an awful lot to explain in one sitting - so this weekend I've learned that I need to condense the story even more, to work it down into more of a performance to pique the children's interest so they'll go on to read the book or the iBook or watch the videos.

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