california car insurance help

california car insurance helpcalifornia car insurance help


  1. california car insurance help
  2. california car insurance help
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://QUOTESDEAL.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. Can you pay for Car Insurance in monthly instalments by direct debit using someone else's card?
  6. I want to take out car insurance in my name but I do not have a debit card, can I use my mother's account to pay in monthly installments? All the insurance companies I have tried so far will only take a payment for the full amount and will not spread the payments by direct debit if the card is not in my name. Can anyone please help as I only have a post office account and am unemployed receiving benefits so cannot afford to pay the lump sum and have been turned down for a bank account as I have a poor credit rating."
  7. How much is boat insurance?
  8. I am going to liveaboard a 29ft sailing boat worth about 35000 purely based in a local marina. I need 2M worth of public liability insurance, any idea on the cost of an annual policy?Thanks in advance."
  9. Car insurance definitions?
  10. in car insurance, what are the definitions of: Policy Premium Deductible"
  11. How much do you pay for your motorcycle insurance?
  12. Hey Number Two, thanks for answer. I used Geico with the lowest everything. No collision and comprehensive at all. But I did that on Progressive and got 913/year. What does upgrading do? Will it lower my rates? Can I add those bars to my bike and call it touring as well and remove after?"
  13. Does anyone know the car insurance laws in new york state?
  14. Ok. I am seventeen years old and i want to get my drivers liscense but my parents wont let me because they wont pay for my car insurance. Does anyone know the laws for underage drivers for car insurance? I would be driving one of their cars and i wouldnt have one of my own. If you can site a source, it'd be great cause then i could show it to them. thanks."
  15. Best as in cheapest auto insurance company in California.?
  16. I have a perfect driving record, but i'm not currently insured because I'm looking for someone else... Had allstate.. any suggestions?"
  17. This is about car insurance?
  18. Ok. i have a direct debit set up with swinton for my car insurance every 26th of the month. This december I got paid on the 18th and i have left no money in there for my direct debit to come out when they took it out on 29th decemeber. I didnt realise this happened until friday 29th january and got a phonecall form them telling me they are cancelling my car insurance. I was angry as I had no letters to confirm this and no phonecalls. My phone is broken and I had changed my address (which i have given them about 10 times) they said there was nothing i could do and cancelled my insurance. They have now told me that because i havent paid that its been sent to the debt collectors and is a criminal offence!!! My argument is they did not change my address even after I had told them time after time. Is there anything I can do, or if anyone has any advice what I do now. I have set up a new insurance now but its 8 more than my last one!!"
  19. Braces cost without insurance ??!! HELPP!!! $4200???!!?
  20. Apparently my teeth aren't severe "" enough for insurance to cover it"
  21. Where to get updated car insurance papers?
  22. ok so i had no idea about the expiration date on the insurance papers. how do i get updated papers that i can put in the car.
  23. How do I find out how much car rental insurance rates will be if I rent a car ?
  24. How do I find out how much car rental insurance rates will be if I rent a car ?
  25. Question on auto insurance.?