Cannes Lion 2013

As well over 12,000 creative and media minds converge on Cannes France to celebrate the work, the creative work, here are the nuggets. Over 36,000 entries in 17 categories. Mobile was added last year, Innovation this year.


  1. It's all about the work. A celebration of creativity.

    Here are my Cannes Lions nuggets but overall for me, the most memorable work moved between outstanding advertising ideas to brilliant brand experiences. The marketing trends that stood out included:
    1. Big data for personalized tailored experiences has come of age.
    2. Sponsored access to the internet in all sorts of locations around the work: Scrabble, Nivea, McDonalds.
    3. Back to analog. I saw vinyl records that play by smartphone and magazines being rolled up and used as a speaker.
    4. Facial recognition. This goes beyond Google Glass (thankfully only saw 2 white dudes wearing them) and speaks to ads with facial recognition interactivity.
    5. Identity crisis from marketing to women and "real beauty" Dove extension to the "beauty inside" film by Intel and Toshiba.
    6. Brand as experience and not just awareness. Full expression of brands going offline from digital was seen in the Innovation awards.
  2. Titanium and Integrated Lions Grand Prix - Dumb Ways to Die

    McCann Melbourne, Australia
    McCann's client Metro Trains in OZ made a very contagious video and song experience to reduce accidents and deaths among young people on Melbourne's Metro train system which had been on the rise for years. The solution? They embedded their message inside infectiously likeable and sharable content.

    - 20 million YouTube views within a week. The 3rd most shared ad in history.
    - Song charted on iTunes in 28 countries.
    - Over 200 cover versions of the song and video.
    - Nearly 1 million people have pledged to be safe around trains.
  3. Titanium and Integrated Lions Grand Prix - Real Beauty Sketches by Unilever

    Ogilvy Brasil São Paulo, Brazil
    Dove's authentic focus on their "real women" campaign was rewarded at Cannes and received a Titanium. For good reason...emotional, authentic and well edited.

    Only 4% of women believe they're beautiful. Prove to the other 96% that they are more beautiful than they think… so Dove did a social experiment. They invited an FBI-trained sketch artist to draw a woman's portrait first according to her own self-description, then according to a strangers' description of her. Throughout, the artist never laid eyes on the women themselves. The results are emotional, stunning and human.
    - 3 billion media impressions (all original stories)
    - Segments on The Today show, Good Morning America, NBC news
    - Articles in the New York Times,The Guardian,, The Telegraph, Huffington Post
    - 46.4 million youtube views
  4. Branded Content & Entertainment Lions - The Beauty Inside Intel + Toshiba

    Pereira & O'Dell San Francisco, USA

    Another big Grand Prix winner, is form Intel and Toshiba, The Beauty Inside. The genius is the collaboration of the fans and social. Oh and it also won an Emmy. Cool.

    The Beauty Inside is a partnership between Intel and Toshiba. The objective was to refresh the "Intel Inside" campaign and feature the Toshiba Ultrabook as part of the life of young adults. The story of Alex, a man that wakes up every day in a different body, creates the message of "what's inside that matters" for Intel, and the fact the character used his Ultrabook to document his daily faces gave the computer a friendly, welcome presence through the entire series.

    The extra twist came with the opportunity that if Alex had a different body every day, then anyone in the world could play him. So, we invited the audience to submit their own video diaries as Alex - some of them made it into the film, some were posted on Facebook.
  5. The Beauty Inside Official Trailer
  6. Titanium and Integrated Lions - Find Your Greatness by Nike

    Wieden+Kennedy, Portland

    Nike found greatness outside of superstars. But greatness is a bit bigger than that. It's not just in one special place; it can be found in all sorts of places called London - not just the city who hosted the Olympic.
    - Most-viewed campaign online throughout the Olympic games.
    - Nike, a non-sponsor, out-performed official sponsor campaigns 200+%.
    - #1 viral ad in first 72hrs of the Games including the Opening Ceremony
    - #1 most talked about campaign in social media during the Games
    - Brand affinity gap between Nike and Adidas widened.
    - Campaign helped drive 23% in incremental sales.
  7. Nike: Find Your Greatness.
  8. Mobile Lions Gold - Scrabble WIFI by Mattel

    Agency: Ogilvy Paris.
    This is a brilliant creative use of technology, as it activate both location and proximity to encourage people to both interact with Scrabble the game and challenge people to spell. Simple but effective.
  9. Innovation Lions Grand Prix

    This is awesome. Innovation is the new award category at Cannes Lions this year. And iti was genius that they awarded it to technology, specifically, open-sourced software! Amen.

    Cinder is an open source software tool for professional creative coding. It's primarily a C++ library used by design and technology companies all over the world for developing physical installations, mobile apps, music visualizers, screensavers and completely new categories of projects.
  10. Cinder Software Case Study
  11. No award here, but just because they can Google Weblabs have an awesome execution of digital to physical. The lads over at Goog, helped by my mate @stevevran are doing wonderful work. Inspiring really.
  12. Award Category: Awesome

    Here are a few things I saw at Cannes Lions that just go under the category of awesome! I think that should be a new category next year!
  13. Back to analog. This is a genius idea. Just watch:
  14. Back to Vinyl - The Office Turntable
  15. Channel 4 Paralympics - Meet the Superhumans (Annotated Version)
  16. This was not a submission for an award, but it was something Microsoft launched at Cannes Lions. It is an awesome contextual advertising format that is definitely one to watch. Now all they need to work on is Windows 8 adoption!
  17. Microsoft Yarn and All Saints in app solution
  18. This one again, no award but was showcased by the fabulous Christopher Bailey CD of @Burberry - this is just a lovely cheeky little way to send a kiss Burberry.
  19. Introducing Burberry Kisses
  20. Beyond the Awards

    I had the pleasure to interview a bunch of creative mavens with my walkabout series called Shingerviews. Enjoy!