my challenge to agents: put your $ where your mouth is

This started out complaining and calling people out, and then it became a challenge that I'm now issuing to all agents everywhere.


  1. It started when I was watching someone's TL and saw a conversation developing between her and an agent (or maybe it was two?). Agent, who I'm sure meant well and has her own intersectional identity, was whining and making excuses about how of course her list would be more diverse if she just knew where to find diverse voices boohoo.
  2. Nope. This happened during the first days of #WeNeedDiverseBooks, and it's bullshit and a lazy excuse and also not true.
  3. Really. Like how shitty are you at using the internet. How are you on a platform and engaging in the kidlit/YA community and not seeing diverse people, even retweeted or something if you're not following them? Really.
  4. That was a sidebar, but it's also something I hate seeing - editors picking up "diverse" books and failing to recognize (or seek out a beta reader who would) problematic elements. As an editor, you are someone's boss at work. That person is your author. It is your job to tell them that they're being offensive, in the same way that it is an HR director's job to do so. Plain and simple.
  5. Anyway.
  6. I fucking hate cookies. I can't eat gluten, for one thing, and I also don't give out metaphorical cookies, because I give no shits about people who say they'd love to see more diversity or they really support the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement. Walk the walk or stop talking the talk.
  7. (If you're going to read that, please also read the updated one linked in it that I wrote more recently.)
  8. So I left it at that, and some very nice people retweeted me and directed others to the thread, and that was very gratifying, but then I figured that I'm just that bitch who yells, says fuck a lot, and withholds cookies, and absolutely nobody important cares what I have to say. And then this.