White House Urban Economic Forum at Barnard College

On Feb. 3, we attended #WHEconForum, a diverse gathering of women small business owners in NYC, hosted with the White House Council on Women and Girls. Successful non-profits run with sharp business smarts, so this was quite the classroom for us. Thanks to @theyec for passing along the opportunity!


  1. Here is some of the best tweet-size wisdom we received. Speakers ranged from senior advisers at the White House, CEOs, the founder of @85Broads (which we're a member!), digital media maven @rachelsklar, and the fearless @ariannahuff.
  2. Fun fact: Did you know bed-and-breakfast entrepreneur Monique Greenwood (pictured right, she spoke on Panel #1) used to be editor-in-chief of Essence magazine? Very inspiring to us, since several members of our team work in magazines as well!
  3. She's the First Founder/President Tammy Tibbetts was representing! Even though the forum was geared toward women at for-profit businesses, the skills and advice for growth and funding are relevant and transferable to the non-profit sector.
  4. Made us smile to see 15-year-old She's the First correspondent Alanna RT one of our favorite lines of the day...it's true!
  5. #Inspiring conclusion to the program -- but after this, the Action Workshops began! We attended "Getting Capital to Start Your Business."