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Creative & Digital | 12.04.06

Highlights in creative, digital and business news. Reads that I find interesting and informational about strategy, design, visualization, creative thinking, social media, visual media, and the collective web.


  1. The impact of an executive's word is immense, and if your execs aren't effective digital social networks, you're missing the boat. As I hammer out social media strategies and toolkits, one of the recommendations that's always included is reverse mentoring.  
  2. In light of my team's web redesign project – one aspect of which is a news page – these two Nieman Lab stories are compelling.
  3. Nick Diakopolous: "computer science and journalism have a lot in common... They are both fundamentally concerned with information. Acquiring it, storing it, modifying it, presenting it. " Diakopolous identified 27 computing concepts that could apply to journalism

  4. A recent Pew study makes the case for going mobile (or at the very least, responsive in your web design), particularly if you provide "news"-like content.  
  5. This is BIG. Ustream had already integrated Facebook comments into chatter when viewing live events on their site.  But that a live stream can now be dropped into a Facebook Timeline will only increase audience engagement and event visibility.
  6. And for those of us mulling over how to creatively use Instagram, here are some examples of how both the images are being used, as well as the Instagram API.  

    One of the cool API applications it the overlaying of photos over a map.
  7. Lastly, for those of us suffering week's end mental block... take a break. Re-energize, but away from your office.