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Creative & Digital | 12.03.23

Highlights in creative, digital and business news. Reads that I find interesting and informational about strategy, design, visualization, creative thinking, social media, visual media, and the collective web.


  1. The Web is rich in video content.  But the quality of videos vary greatly.  

    Check out University of Houston's site on Education Digital Storytelling that offer best practices from considering the 7 elements of storytelling, to tips on storyboarding.
  2. If you'd like to learn more, check out the social chatter on the International Conference on Digital Storytelling, which took place this week in Valencia, Spain.  
  3. We're all sending e-mail campagins now. We're sending them frequently – sometimes strategically, many times not. No matter what the reasons, here is a handy guide of best practices in sending call to action email.
  4. As I lead our web redesign project, here's an interesting trend that i know I've fully embraced as a user, but had not thought of from a developer's perspective.
  5. And just when you thought Facebook was great because of it's "viral potential"... survey says, only 2% of fans share Page Posts.
  6. Question remains – what can we do to increase the virialness of what we post?
  7. FInally, a PSA: Pinterest is updating its Terms of Service on April 6, 2012.