Creative & Digital | 12.02.17

Highlights in creative, digital and business news. Reads that I find interesting and informational about strategy, design, visualization, creative thinking, social media, visual media, and the collective web.


  1. Preparing your brand pages for Timeline... Rumor has it that they may start rolling out for brand pages at the end of the month (February).  Do you have your cover photos ready?
  2. When using QR codes, think about a consumer's ability to activate the code.  For example, what's the point of a QR code on an ad in a subway car if it's too high for a consumer to reach, and there is no Internet connectivity underground?
  3. 6 billion mobile service subcription. 90% of people in the world use mobile phones. By comparison, just 35% are using the Internet. So designing first for mobile makes complete sense.
  4. In the US, Pinterest is popular among females, but in the UK it's more popular amongst males . See the infographic on what both genders are pinning.
  5. The ads on news sites tend not to be targeted based on the interests of users, the strategy that many experts consider key to the future of digital revenue... and of course for an advertiser's ROI.  Seemingly a no-brainer.
  6. Question: Can you embed active links into annotations?  This can help viewers access more information relevant to what is being talked about in a given frame.
  7. Thinking outside the box. A lesson in how Evernote took their one product, and rethought their services for different crowds.