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How to make a Linguistic Career in the Fashion Industry

Translation plays a major role in the global fashion industry. For fashion to transcend globally beyond geographical and cultural borders, hiring professional translators is a must. Fashion houses can hire certified agencies for translation and focus on their core job.


  1. The fashion industry witnessed a global boom in the middle of the 20th century and  has  been  flourishing  ever  since.  Fashion  houses that were launched decades ago have become iconic brands today.  From small entrepreneurs to celebrities, it seems that everyone is out to launch their own label on a global platform.
  2. The fashion industry today transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. Fashion is an integral part of our lives, and new retail markets are frequently emerging globally. It has become more critical than ever for multi-national companies to communicate freely and effectively with each other.
  3. Significance of effective communication in the fashion world

  4. Fashion evangelists take inspiration from cultures around the world to create their merchandise; they source material and use the services of skilled craftsmen from different countries. For example, apparel manufactured in India, China and Bangladesh is retailed in the USA and the UK. Recently, online shopping portals have begun translating their website content into various languages. This has led the fashion brands to reach out and connect with international markets and consumers in a big way.  Fashion retail consumers are more comfortable in buying products from a website in their native language. This is where a professional translator can help a fashion brand.
  5. Why Study Languages - Fashion, translation and the police
  6. On a global perspective, translation and interpretation agencies play a vital role in establishing and promoting the fashion industry in any country. International conferences, PR events, fashion shows, product launches, and other similar events are held on a global level with the help of translation industry experts.
  7. The textile and apparel industry across the world focuses on various issues suchas business logistics in the manufacturing domain, how companies run their offshore production units and labor and industry issues.
  8. Translation work scope vis-à-vis the fashion industry:

  9. · Extending fashion and popular culture across countries

    · Fashion industry publications

    · Business management

    · Documentation- negotiations, trade agreements and contracts

    · Advertising and marketing

    · Luxury brand management

    · Vendor/ supplier relationships

    · Event management- fashion shows, product launches

    · Market research and analysis

    · Quality assurance and management

  10. Translation services are very critical for the international fashion industry. It is only with the help of translation experts that the textile and apparel chain is able to function smoothly across the globe.
  11. Why should fashion brands hire a certified translation agency

  12. For a smooth and effective functioning of the apparel industry at a global level,fashion houses must understand the language and culture of the target market places. While it seems cheaper to hire a couple of multi-lingual employees, it works out better and is more fruitful to hire a professional translation agency  for overseas dealings. Translation goes beyond just verbal or written content changes; cultural intonation and localization are equally important.
  13. For anyone aspiring to build a linguistic career in the fashion industry, there is a huge scope of growth and development that one must consider. It makes sense for fashion houses to trust an agency for all translation work, so that they can focus on their core job.
  14. The textile and fashion industry is always on the lookout for translators who have a sound knowledge of their target markets, apart from being native speakers of the target language. They prefer to hire translators who have handled industry related translation projects and know the nitty-gritties of the fashion world.
  15. The most popular languages in the fashion industry
  16. With the fashion industry going global, a lot of languages play an important role. With France being the fashion capital of the world, French is one of the most commonly used languages. English, Spanish, Italian, and German are alsoused extensively. Chinese is another language that is very useful. China has  emerged as a major player in the textile and apparel industry, creating a need for professional translators who can translate English to Chinese and vice-versa.
  17. One can search online for certified agencies for translation. In the past decade,online translation has gained a lot of popularity. Online translation companies make use of translation tools along with expert human translators to offer competitive services. It is advisable for fashion brands to trust only those agencies which have the domain expertise for translation in the fashion world. Since localization is very elementary in this industry, only professional translators should be hired.