Live Tweeting: That 70s Show

My interpretation of a show I'm watching via tweets

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  1. Like most college students, I don't have any cable or access to any tv channels at all so I rely on the internet and Netflix for my source of tv. I'm currently watching That 70s Show and this was the last one I needed to see so it worked out great.
  2. No kidding, I say this so often that I want to hit myself. I say it at least once a day, or multiple times a day if people are stupid...
  3. Red and Kitty are thinking about moving to Florida and Kitting doesn't really wanna go. Eric has been in Africa for a while now and him and Donna broke up. I think that's all you need to know what's going on in my tweets (or I hope so).
  4. Happily* My bad, it was the heat of the moment and spelling wasn't my highest priority
  5. After a month of binge watching this show, it was a very sad ending for me. I'm now onto the next adventure of finding my next show. May the netflix gods be with my on my search.