#byod4lchat Day 1 2018 - Connecting and Confidence

Collated tweets from the first tweet chat of 2018

  1. @alexgspiers @BYOD4L How come we haven't done anything together yet then? Done stuff with @neilwithnell - not for ages though #byod4lchat
  2. @BYOD4L A5 #BYOD4Lchat Joining in with chats but still need to post more original comments to others posts. Tend to lurker quite a bit 🤔
  3. @CliveBuckley I think both are educationally appropriate. But what do you do if someone says 'I don't have to sign up to that, and nothing in the university regulations says I have to'? #BYOD4Lchat
  4. @BYOD4L Living in a small Island digital networking has opened my horizons and allowed me to complete my Doctorate #BYOD4Lchat
  5. thanks for a great chat everyone #BYOD4Lchat see you online for more fun and games ... pic.twitter.com/UAhkvNWJcP
  6. A1: Oh yeah, forgot text messaging. Still hugely important in my life! #BYOD4Lchat
  7. Good night all. Type with you later in the week, not sure what evening yet. I'll post my blog when I can resolve some technical issues :( #BYOD4Lchat
  8. A6 set goals and share your process of growth with others including your students, be open to new apps/tech #byod4lchat
  9. @sheilmcn @alexgspiers @suebecks @BYOD4L I left FB a couple of years ago, don't miss it :-) I'm contactable in other ways and it's a lovely surprise to run into old friends and not already know their news! #BYOD4Lchat
  10. @BYOD4L A6 don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Everyone in this community is super helpful. I’ve been blown away by the support and opportunities afforded to me by @suebecks @alexgspiers & @aiaddysonzhang. I’m sooo excited for what 2018 holds #BYOD4Lchat
  11. @BYOD4L #BYOD4Lchat Perhaps we all need help to be confident. When you see twitter ‘debate’ in a negative way it can be very off putting - hostile
  12. Thanks all - found that really interesting. Now. Need. To. Eat. #BYOD4Lchat
  13. @BYOD4L A4 #BYOD4Lchat Yes def make assumption that students are more confident than they especially re trying things related to their profession (healthcare) they are worried about a range of issues
  14. A fantastic #BYOD4Lchat Thank you all for joining in, same again tomorrow (same time and place). Storify will follow ...... pic.twitter.com/g6gQXYNvWo
  15. This is interesting. The interface between university, school and commercial is something we have to recognise. #BYOD4Lchat  https://twitter.com/srowett/status/953007734072410113 
  16. @BYOD4L My confidence grows when I collaborate. I am bolder, happier, more creative + productive when I have someone alongside. #byod4lchat
  17. Great chatting everyone, but all good things come to an end..... sorry #BYOD4Lchat
  18. @BYOD4L A6 It's important to get out there and engage with others, even those you may not really know. :) Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.. #BYOD4Lchat
  19. @BYOD4L A2 I use Twitter for work, Instagram for photo sharing, WhatsApp with friends, Email work and home accounts. Deleted FB a couple of years ago #BYOD4Lchat
  20. @CliveBuckley @alexgspiers This kind of thing makes me worry about external services - taken as a very non-scientific exercise with a group of students #BYOD4Lchat https://t.co/Mo5ujCJEXO
    @CliveBuckley @alexgspiers This kind of thing makes me worry about external services - taken as a very non-scientific exercise with a group of students #BYOD4Lchat pic.twitter.com/Mo5ujCJEXO
  21. A6 grow your network by being active and interacting. Start conversations by Liking a post, tweet, comment on a blogs, #BYOD4Lchat
  22. @BYOD4L A3 #BYOD4Lchat I am getting better at engaging with networks, tend to use for additional information. Need to reach out more. Nice when you meet a twitter connection in person
  23. @CliveBuckley @alexgspiers But also can then have values of the institution. People who take action for harassment/bullying etc. People who run it who care about the participants and use their data ethically, unlike the big commercial services 2/#BYOD4Lchat
  24. A6 1. Don't be disappointed if it doesn't grow quickly - it takes time. 2. Engage - getting involved in a conversation - your views do count. #BYOD4Lchat  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/953006784276557824 
  25. A5 this is me developing my confidence in using periscope for teh first time today with the support of @DiverseLearners #BYOD4Lchat
  26. @BYOD4L A6 - speak to people, join something lime this or the regular #Lthechat events, and don’t try to do everything at once, building and sustaining Learning network takes time #byod4lchat
  27. A6 #BYOD4Lchat Be selective about who you follow. Engage - RT, add a comment, ask a question. It takes time to make new friends.  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/953006784276557824 
  28. @BYOD4L A1 I mainly use my smart phone, my laptop at work and my tablet at home, there is usually something handy! #BYOD4Lchat
  29. A5 Using an app in a personal context allows you to gain confidence to apply it in a professional context. Recently used Facetime in class for students to interview a blogger. #byod4lchat
  30. A6: Ask people you trust to start with. See what they do, or if they can give you some backup or be a critical friend. #BYOD4Lchat
  31. @BYOD4L A4 Got a young degree arts student to do Vlog for me challenging the digital native assumption  https://youtu.be/4B8kqpteDfs  #byod4lchat
  32. @BYOD4L A5 Following Twitter chats led by educators in the US, reading blogs e.g. @hopkinsdavid and @timbuckteeth #BYOD4Lchat
  33. @ADeaves @BYOD4L Instagram is fun and non-threatening. Also you can lurk for a bit. #BYOD4Lchat
  34. @ADeaves @BYOD4L I feel we have to go where students go, no point pushing them to tools they wont use.. #BYOD4Lchat
  35. Q6 Do you have any tips to help others grow their connections and network? #BYOD4Lchat
  36. @BYOD4L #BYOD4Lchat A2 Twitter! For things I’m interested in personal and professional but tend to keep them separate. FB but not a big fan Students seem to use Instagram? But I know nothing about that
  37. @debbaff @neilwithnell That's what I tell my students. And everybody's comfort zone is different. #BYOD4Lchat
  38. "Risks" says @neilwithnell . A big big issue. How to we encourage people to take manageable, realistic but fulfilling risks. A subject for another chat? #BYOD4Lchat
  39. @BYOD4L A5 collaboration helps develop my confidence in tech e.g Twebinars I did with @WeNurses and @PUNC14 @rjonesplymouth #BYOD4Lchat
  40. @CliveBuckley I am fortunate that I teach academic staff to use twitter. Guided exploration of the good and bad practice helps then feel comfortable in developing their skills. #livuntel #byod4lchat
  41. A4 #BYOD4Lchat like @neilwithnell says for me its a question of just trying things out .. sometimes scary ... but its ok for learning2b scary right ? dont we learn best when out of our comfort zone ?
  42. @BYOD4L #BYOD4Lchat Apologies late to the chat. I use tweet deck, iPad and phone
  43. @alexgspiers This is so important. Also gentle encouragement and guidance. #BYOD4Lchat
  44. A3 Twitter connections eg @livinginhope @NHSE_Paul Beverley Powell help me connect & learn by copying me into stuff and intros #byod4lchat
  45. @alexgspiers I think active listening is OK, but often associated with coaching type processes? LPP has good evidence base across multiple professional communities #BYOD4Lchat
  46. A5 I am like @sharonlflynn - a lurker but tweetchats like this are giving me more confidence. Once I started using Twitter I slowly gained confidence to have a voice #BYOD4Lchat
  47. A5 One example was taking part in an online 12 apps at Christmas course #RUL12AoC helped pick up new tools. #BYOD4Lchat
  48. A5 Following a CPD course delivered by @cpjobling, I used Google Forms ad then Flubaroo to offer an open opportunity to conduct a competency quiz and then engage in automated marking. #BYOD4Lchat
  49. @debbaff Well, thank you! But for me (and probably some others) it usually follows a period of testing the water, understanding the protocols, seeing who the central characters are etc. #BYOD4Lchat
  50. A4 For me its about providing a safe, supportive space (physical or virtual) to allow people to ask questions and get up to speed at their own pace. Seems obvious but I've seen examples where people in a space and they aren't ready #BYOD4Lchat
  51. @SFaulknerPandO @scottturneruon Yes, I've always liked it as it felt like a very natural, observable process #BYOD4Lchat
  52. @BYOD4L using twitter and taking part in #byod4l #byod4lchat - really great, fun learning experience
  53. A5: For an edtech type, I'm usually very late to actually using technologies myself. I think it's because I'm never really quite convinced that anyone wants to hear me. So I lurk^H^H^H^H legitimately peripherally participate for a while #BYOD4Lchat
  54. @BYOD4L A4 #BYOD4Lchat establishing confidence to engage is more important than knowledge itself. The former will sustain you much more than the latter.
  55. A4 I sympathised greatly with teacher in the scenario. Its only with gentle support and nurturing - show and copy type approach - that I've been able to engage in the things I have. Tweetdeck, hootsuite etc a case in point #BYOD4Lchat
  56. A5 #BYOD4Lchat I very much started out as a lurker (introvert by nature) but it's about taking one baby step at a time.  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/953003895466418176 
  57. @sheilmcn @scottturneruon with you there Sheila. I use the term 'positive silent participation' #BYOD4Lchat
  58. Q5 Share an example of how you have developed your own confidence in using digital tools #BYOD4Lchat
  59. @srowett @scottturneruon I like that ... not sure I could spell it quickly on twitter mind you ! .. respect #byod4lchat
  60. @sheilmcn I agree I just could find a better phrase though @srowett has just fixed that - legitimate peripheral participation #BYOD4Lchat
  61. @BYOD4L A3 #BYOD4Lchat I really value my connections and the more I know them/you the more I know where interests and e parties lie
  62. A4 Yes scenarios could have been flipped in terms of their response! I assumed that that would be the response and I shouldn't have. We assume students are much more confident. #BYOD4Lchat
  63. @sharonlflynn it's a amazing. Love it. I will definitely be using it in future. Much easier. #BYOD4Lchat
  64. @BYOD4L A4 We need to support each other to develop confidence to give a variety of different communication tools a go. Case in point is @SFaulknerPandO is going to teach me how to use Snapchat for L&T #BYOD4Lchat
  65. @scottturneruon exactly though I don’t like term “lurk” - observe is much more positive imho #byod4lchat
  66. @scottturneruon I find reframing lurking as legitimate peripheral participation can do wonders for people's confidence - gives the permission to wait a little and gradually engage #byod4lchat
  67. A2 2/2 use Twitter I love it's speed, lack of hierarchy, and short info bursts which is great for my flitty brain. #byod4lchat
  68. A4. I think it might have to start with it is ok to 'lurk'/passive engagement. See what others do and then join in. #BYOD4Lchat  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/953001540754726912 
  69. @sharon_harvey2 great stuff ! We can chat about that on wed too ! #byod4lchat ... its such a help for things like this ...
  70. A4 I am currently doing a small piece of research on student nurses internet self-efficacy. We are starting to implement more blended learning into the curriculum and we are assuming that students are confident with accessing activities online #BYOD4Lchat
  71. @BYOD4L A4 cont - events like this really help with increasing confidence and connecting with extended community of practice #byod4lchat
  72. A4 #BYOD4Lchat I've used the Visitors and Residents activities with my students (academic staff). This helps them reflect on their own skills - they tend to make their own assumptions about their own skills.  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/953001540754726912 
  73. @debbaff @suebecks @BYOD4L can we chat / do a demo as learn better that way and will then use it rather than think about it #byod4lchat
  74. @BYOD4L A4 - yes, I think if you have used social media it’s easy to forget how scary it can be at first. Also with increased advertising, use of algorithms it can be annoying to find your way around for staff and students #BYOD4Lchat
  75. @BYOD4L their mindset of confidence or our interpretations of how digitally competent they are? Sorry not sure I can answer if the latter #BYOD4Lchat
  76. A2 1/2 @Skype I use to connect. Having visual feedback for non-verbal cues helps me and IM for notes as I have dyspraxia #ADD #byod4lchat
  77. @neilwithnell @sharon_harvey2 we are hoping to run some tweetchats at swansea soon ... will keep you posted ... might help ... #byod4lchat
  78. @sheilmcn @VivienRolfe A friend once mistyped 'Vodka' as 'Vodak' and that's a name that has stuck with us ever since #BYOD4Lchat
  79. @BYOD4L @debbaff A3 I’m amazed on a daily basis by how helpful people on my LN are with their time and knowledge. #BYOD4Lchat
  80. @jobadge @sharonlflynn good point - know lots of schools use it to keep in touch with parents too #byod4lchat
  81. Q4 In general, we still make assumptions about people's digital confidence. How do we shift this mindset? #BYOD4Lchat
  82. @scottturneruon @alexgspiers LinkedIn groups are a great way of keeping in touch with alumni - they post job opps for current students and we invite them back for guest lectures #BYOD4Lchat
  83. @alexgspiers @neilwithnell @BYOD4L not using Tweetdeck tonight so have only seen Q1. Can you RT other questions pls #byod4lchat
  84. A3 #BYOD4Lchat Connections made on twitter have led to some really useful IRL connections and collaborations. I've met a wonderful group of people.
  85. @BYOD4L A3 as @debbaff said I’ve been blown away by the opportunities that have come about through my learning network on Twitter. Almost on a daily basis I learn about awesome new (to me) apps through my LN. #BYOD4Lchat
  86. A3 Helps me keep track of whats going on in the world of #edtech #mLearning and #socialmedia The expertise is down a virtual corridor #BYOD4Lchat
  87. Interesting representation of Facebook algorithm from a recent exhibition. #BYOD4Lchat https://t.co/c3A64QHRPg
    Interesting representation of Facebook algorithm from a recent exhibition. #BYOD4Lchat pic.twitter.com/c3A64QHRPg
  88. @drkhemsworth @debbaff @suebecks @BYOD4L Many people I support think that too but often because haven't had modelling/support #byod4lchat
  89. @sharon_harvey2 works really well, hashtag use in the classroom, embed into the vLE for those not on twitter etc #BYOD4Lchat
  90. @gwenffrwd @BYOD4L definitely .. so useful for staff too:) #byod4lchat Hiya Non ! Glad you made it !:)
  91. @sheilmcn @alexgspiers @suebecks @BYOD4L I keep my Fb very private, for family and friends. But recently have started to use private groups more for worky things. #BYOD4Lchat
  92. A3 I am also going to start to use Twitter to keep in touch with my students #byod4lchat
  93. @DiverseLearners @suebecks @BYOD4L I love them ... used to do on paper ... now use Ipad and either Paper53 or Adobe Sketch Book ... #byod4lchat ... another challenge for you for friday !
  94. A3 I use it a lot for networking for my PhD. I have connected loads of educational developers and academics interested in Student Engagement for Curriculum Development  https://wordpress.com/view/studentstaffpartnerships.wordpress.com  #byod4lchat
  95. @BYOD4L A3 I've extended my network way beyond people I've met face to face and now connect with educators across the globe. Brings so many perspectives. #BYOD4Lchat
  96. @BYOD4L Connecting offers students authentic experiences, makes them realise that there is a world beyond campus and improves their communication skills #employability #byod4lchat
  97. A3 I learn so much from Twitter chats and then it is great to have an opportunity to meet IRL those I meet online #BYOD4Lchat
  98. @srowett yes being able to “do a Frozne” as I like to say is really useful #BYOD4Lchat
  99. A3 My PLN has grown so much since I have been connecting online .. have had so many opportunities as a result ... awesome communities like this ... i'm always learning something new #byod4lchat  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/952998858388328448 
  100. @debbaff @suebecks @BYOD4L Seen examples but never done on device..hmmm. Do them naturally esp working in groups at conferences #BYOD4Lchat
  101. A2 #BYOD4Lchat For non-work, instagram, whatsapp (which I hate), viber.
  102. @sheilmcn @suebecks @BYOD4L Me too! FB for me, my mates and Mr Zuckerberg's bots and algorithms...oh #BYOD4Lchat
  103. @sharon_harvey2 @BYOD4L A2 Hi @sharonharvey2 I promise to be brave and do it. My brave act for today was using periscope! Do you blog? #BYOD4Lchat
  104. A3: Twitter is very useful for consolidating different parts of my life and finding interesting things to read about or events to go to. But you have to be prepared to (Elsa voice) 'let it go' when you've gone a bit out of date with recent messages #BYOD4Lchat
  105. A3 - they inspire and reassure me in equal measure, also,they make me think about things in different ways #BYOD4Lchat  https://twitter.com/byod4l/status/952998858388328448 
  106. @sheilmcn I keep trying and failing with Slack ... like the idea as need to use it for stuff but just cant get the hang of it ... #byod4lchat ... anyone done a idiots guide ?
  107. A2 #BYOD4Lchat Also email (Outlook app and gmail), Facebook, blogging (Medium, blogger, wordpress).
  108. @suebecks @BYOD4L mindmap @InspirationSW free or paid app 30 day free download for PC or paid Check if your uni has site licence #byod4lchat
  109. @alexgspiers A3 I use to LinkedIn to share things I find interesting and it is a great tool for keeping in contact with ex-students #BYOD4Lchat
  110. Q3 How do your connections help you with your learning and networking? #BYOD4Lchat
  111. @sharon_harvey2 @neilwithnell ooo me too ... I take it you have discovered #phdchat and all those sorts of stuff ! #byod4lchat ... we must grab a cuppa and chat in real life ! :)
  112. @srowett A1 work provide my laptop but the iPad and iPhone are my own. My line manager has an iPad provided by work. #BYOD4Lchat
  113. A2: We've tried quite a few 'workgroup' apps at work, but none of them have really stuck. Often we just use the one we personally prefer - it's much better if there's no-one else on there to give you work to do! #BYOD4Lchat
  114. @suebecks @BYOD4L I like to keep facebook non work related #byod4lchat doesn’t always work
  115. @suebecks @BYOD4L 3 examples 1st a template that comes with app, 2nd for a presentation 3rd notetaking #byod4lchat pic.twitter.com/blktlqZmZ2
  116. A2 Email still has high usage. Twitter next. Noticed this year I use it more than my contacts in Outlook! FB for personal. Whatsapp for family/parental work. I add and delete iIstagram on a semi regular basis. #BYOD4Lchat
  117. @neilwithnell I am really liking Twitter at the moment. This has helped me no end with networking for my PhD #BYOD4Lchat
  118. @BYOD4L A2 Facebook and Instagram for social news, then Twitter and LinkedIn. This usually signposts interesting blogs and links #BYOD4Lchat
  119. @BYOD4L A2 the app I use most with my students is Snapchat, where I hold tutorials using the chat function, they love it, so do I. #BYOD4Lchat. I keep threatening to write a blog about it!
  120. Judging by the answers from Q1, laptops are definitely not going away, as perhaps predicted during the rise of tablets #BYOD4Lchat
  121. @SFaulknerPandO @BYOD4L I forgot to use #byod4lchat - putting it down to poorliness, meds and a super busy day
  122. A2 #BYOD4Lchat twitter, google+, email, padlet, linked in, facebook, whats app, Tweetdeck for managing tweetchats ! plus loads more I can't think of ...
  123. @BYOD4L A2 - twitter mainly and my blog but also instagram, google +, whatsapp at times and good old email #byod4lchat
  124. @BYOD4L @alexgspiers Pants just realised I should be using #byod4lchat for tweetchat on connecting BUT used #byod4l instead.
  125. A2: Work is still mostly email. Social is mostly WhatsApp. Personal development is twitter #BYOD4Lchat
  126. @srowett guess it depends.I’m lucky that work provided me with an ipad - so handy particularly when you can’t log into presentation machines in-lecture theatres like this afternoon #byod4lchat
  127. @neilwithnell Interesting. Is that because workplaces are less willing to supply devices, or that ppl just prefer it that way, do you know? #BYOD4Lchat
  128. Q2 What apps or services do you use to connect? #BYOD4Lchat
  129. @srowett ooh lovely ! #byod4lchat ... I have tried to use some of the big touch screen devices bit always end up getting confused !
  130. @sheilmcn I'd be interested to know if BYOD for work is becoming more common, as I don't see many people at my place doing it #BYOD4Lchat
  131. @BYOD4L A1 Smartphone for me, although I'm trying harder this year to keep it for personal use rather than work emails. Chromebook for portable work and connecting #BYOD4Lchat
  132. @neilwithnell @CliveBuckley Was waiting to check it was OK to do so, i.e you wanted it before this chat or after and to include further reflection. I have the lovely @debbaff to credit for me using PADLET as my repository, but I'm using @PebblePad as my vehicle - #BYOD4Lchat
  133. @debbaff Phone, laptop and mobile internet. Obviously I plug into work wifi and sometimes big displays #BYOD4Lchat
  134. @srowett Excellent ! So what devices do you use of your own then Steve ? #byod4lchat
  135. @BYOD4L A1 I start my day connecting with others on my laptop, then on my commute move to smartphone. Once at work I log in to my PC and fire up Tweetdeck and LinkedIn on a 2nd screen. #BYOD4Lchat
  136. @BYOD4L And now with the # rookie error! Mostly my iPhone 6 or iPad as those are the devices I am most likely to have with me on a daily basis #BYOD4Lchat must remember the # !
  137. A1: There's still a lot to be said for a big display, especially during a tweetchat #BYOD4Lchat
  138. @LJ_Rees A1 I dont know Lou ... you have moved your office PC around quite a bit ! :) #byod4lchat
  139. A1 Tend to use the my android phone and iPad for Twitter mostly. I am still fond of accessing Twitter via the browser on a laptop or PC #BYOD4Lchat #oldskool
  140. A1: I'm probably relatively unusual and don't have a work-provided laptop, phone or tablet - I BYOD for everything I do #BYOD4Lchat
  141. A1 Ipad, iPhone, Laptop ... (and my little pink car to drive around and connect with people :)) #BYOD4Lchat😀  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/952993997030539264 
  142. @CliveBuckley Hello Clive. We've not met but I have mentioned your wise encouraging words to me in my first blog on todays theme. #BYOD4Lchat
  143. @LJ_Rees not unless it is really mobile eg can fit into your handbag 😀#BYOD4Lchat
  144. A1 phone, tablet. Office PC doesn't count, right? #BYOD4Lchat
  145. A1: Phone and laptop mostly. And arms (I tend to be quite a huggy type - do they count?) #BYOD4Lchat
  146. Apologies to those not interested in tech or education. The next hour will be all about #byod4lchat Lets go to work...
  147. A1 all things Apple for me as they all connect Ipad, Iphone I whatever (and a laptop occasionally) #BYOD4Lchat  https://twitter.com/BYOD4L/status/952993997030539264 
  148. Q1 What mobile device(s) do you use to connect with others? #BYOD4Lchat
  149. We will start with a question Q1 and ask that you start your reply with A1 and be sure to use #BYOD4Lchat
  150. We hope you have enjoyed the first day on #BYOD4L, now we have our first #BYOD4Lchat
  151. #BYOD4Lchat nice cuppa at the ready ... devices charged .. it must be nearly time for our first tweet chat of the week ! Connecting and Confidence ... https://t.co/RzYl4O0nzS
    #BYOD4Lchat nice cuppa at the ready ... devices charged .. it must be nearly time for our first tweet chat of the week ! Connecting and Confidence ... pic.twitter.com/RzYl4O0nzS
  152. @suebecks Awesome :) #byod4lchat charging up devices at the ready as we speak !
  153. @debbaff I'm good thanks Deb and all the better for this 5 day opportunity to (re)connect with this amazing #BYOD4L community! Gearing up for the first #BYOD4Lchat on communicating and confidence.
  154. Better get ready for the first of 5 (yes 5) #BYOD4Lchat every evening this week at 2000 hrs UK time. Intrigued? Then join in .... all welcome (remember the hashtag) pic.twitter.com/STPRq9jIrb
  155. @suebecks Definitely words of wisdom there my wonderful friend :) how are you my lovely sue ? #byod4lchat
  156. @LJ_Rees @gwenffrwd @sharon_harvey2 @cpjobling Yay ... nice to see you here folks ...#byod4lchat we are just getting ourselves ready ! see you in a bit at 8pm 👍#byod4l
  157. Who’s joining us for #BYOD4Lchat this evening?! One hour to go. Tonight’s topic is ‘connecting & confidence’
  158. I've connected earlier on the google community. But Hell from Swansea, Will be dipping in and out as I'm able to this week. Hello @gwenffrwd, @sharon_harvey2 @cpjobling @debbaff Anyone else? #byod4l #BYOD4Lchat
  159. Whoo hoo I’m looking forward to ‘connecting with confidence’  today for Day One of #BYOD4L ... #BYOD4Lchat ... who will be joining me ? https://t.co/cv7bK4QX5W
    Whoo hoo I’m looking forward to ‘connecting with confidence’ today for Day One of #BYOD4L ... #BYOD4Lchat ... who will be joining me ? pic.twitter.com/cv7bK4QX5W
  160. See you next week - same time same place! #LTHEchat - remember it is a shared chat with #BYOD4Lchat on 17th Jan