PRI The World: Walk to the World Cup

In March, four England soccer fans, Adam Burns, Dave Bewick, Pete Johnston and Ben Olsen began to walk from Mendoza, Argentina to the World Cup in Porto Alegre, Brazil. |

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  1. A 1966 kilometer journey, their goal was to raise £20,000 on behalf of the J de V Arts Care Trust to build a well in the northeastern town of Bahia, Brazil. Bahia is currently undergoing a massive, historic drought
  2. The drought in Bahia- the reason behind Walk to the World Cup
  3. Their journey has taken them from Mendoza, Argentina to Buenos Aires, along the coast of Uruguay and finally, to Estadio Beira-Rio stadium in Porto Alegre, Brazil where they arrived on Sunday, June 8th.
  4. Nike presented the four soccer fans with full uniforms and tickets to two England World Cup matches.
  5. During their trek to Brazil, the Walk to the World Cup team came across a dog. They named him "Jefferson" and he became their unofficial mascot.
  6. Jefferson's owner, a man named Nacho, contacted the Walk to the World Cup group and was reunited with his dog, who's real name is "Negro."
  7. The dog that walked to the World Cup reunited with his owner
  8. The foursome finally reached the Estadio Beira-Rio stadium in Brazil on Sunday June 8th, just before the World Cup kicked off.