Moms + Social Good Event 2016

On May 5th, at the annual Moms + Social Good Event world leaders, philanthropists and leading development voices highlighted the global issues impacting women and children, and proved that small actions lead can lead to big changes across the globe.


  1. First, Susan E. Myers, the Senior VP at the United Nations Foundation, hit the ground running, speaking to us about the basic healthcare services and human rights that every child deserves.
  2. Girl Up is an amazing organization supported by the UN Foundation. Their message is simple: Girls are powerful! Across the globe, Girl Up is giving adolescent women the power to help each other to ensure that every girl has the education, health and safety to change the world!
  3. Mari Malek and Ambassador Samantha Power brought light to the refugee crisis in Africa and the humanitarian issues facing women and children. They stressed the importance of making refugees feel welcome in our country!
  4. Part of these conferences is networking with amazing women like Diana Sierra, founder of BeGirl, who serendipitously sat down next to me! BeGirl is an underwear line designed to empower women in developing countries to not let their period stop them from changing the world!
  5. Happily showing  our panties at the #GlobalMoms #JNJ #DonateaPhoto booth :)
    Happily showing our panties at the #GlobalMoms #JNJ #DonateaPhoto booth :)
  6. Even California tuned in for this inspirational day!