EuroShop 2017

Relive our live coverage from EuroShop 2017, the world’s biggest retail tradeshow, where we focused on the latest market trends for natural refrigerant technologies in food retail.

  1. Back home safe and sound after a fantastic EuroShop 2017. See you on 16-20 February 2020!
  2. Getting read for home. See you next time EuroShop!
  3. Here is our interview with Arneg's Chiara Tognoli about the company's CO2 booster system. Watch our YouTube channel for more!
  4. Interview with Arneg at Euroshop 2017 on its CO2 booster system
  5. EuroShop day four comes to a close! See you all tomorrow for the final day.
  6. Paolo Martini of the Carrefour Group tells the ATMOsphere Network event at EuroShop 2017 about the food retail giant's strategy for CO2 and hydrocabon-based stores.
  7. Turkish cabinet maker Ugur sets out its views regarding the market for hydrocarbon-based plug 'n' play refrigeration cabinets in Europe.
  8. Outdated safety standards that impose restrictive charge limits on hydrocarbons and a lack of trained contractors in some parts of the world still represent barriers to wider uptake of natural refrigerant technologies, Clare Perry, climate campaign leader at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), told an ATMOsphere Network event at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany yesterday.
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