ATMOsphere America 2017

Sunny San Diego is welcoming more end users, policy makers and utilities than ever before, increasing ATMOsphere America's ever-growing success!

  1. Summary video from #ATMOAmerica 2017:
  2. ATMOsphere America 2017 Farewell slideshow
  3. Scott Martin of Hillphoenix, Platinum Sponsor of ATMOsphere America 2017 discusses the company's big announcement about their partnership with NXTCOLD working with low-charge ammonia systems, being the exclusive provider for the NXTCOLD system for Mexico, Canada, Central & South America and Caribbean Island. Hillphoenix also announced the company is close to 300 CO2 secondary booster systems throughout the USA and Canada.
  4. Hillphoenix, Platinum Sponsor for ATMO America '17 Announces Partnership with NXTCOLD
  5. André Patenaude of Emerson speaks about the company's investments in accelerating CO2 adoption and the Helix Innovation Center in Ohio, where there is a transcritical booster system in which the company will be running simulations on a base booster system, adding parallel compression, adiabatic gas cooler and other features to provide a weather normalized energy report.
  6. Emerson, Gold Sponsor of ATMO America '17 to Provide a Weather Normalized Energy Report
  7. John Prall of Embraco speaks about EMC Compressor which reduces energy consumption by up to 30% compared to traditional products, which uses natural refrigerants which have 0 ODP and very low GWP. The product is very flexible and can be used in under counters, reach-ins, vending machines and bottle coolers.
  8. Dorin, Gold Sponsor of ATMO America '17: CO2 Most Viable Solution
  9. Augusto Zimmermann of Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration/Kysor Warren speaks about the Alternative Systems, Global Center of Excellence team who are a highly-skilled and high-performing team of refrigeration and mechanical engineers that design and help commercialize natural refrigerant-based solutions for the commerical refrigeration segment.
  10. Heatcraft, Gold Sponsor of ATMO America '17 and the Global Center of Excellence
  11. Jim Hower of Danfoss speaks about CO2 Mobile Training Unit the company brought to ATMOsphere America 2017. The unit aims to address the need for training for technicians on transcritical CO2 systems for supermarket refrigeration. Danfoss also held two training sessions at the unit for participants.
  12. Danfoss, Gold Sponsor of ATMO America '17 and Its CO2 Mobile Training Unit at the Conference
  13. Giovanni Dorin of Dorin speaks about the company's new city series of CO2 transcritical compressors, which save space, maintenance time and is cost-efficient, a great solution for limited spaces. The company has been working with transcritical CO2 systems for almost 30 years and believe that CO2 the most viable solution to HFCs and other synthetic refrigerants.
  14. Embraco, Gold Sponsor of ATMO America '17 and Its EMC Compressor
  15. Paula Ramos of embraco talks about the company’s latest technology developments with R290 and future projects with natural refrigerants.
  16. Paula Ramos, embraco at ATMOsphere America 2017
  17. Food Lion’s Susan Sollenberger and Wayne Rosa talk about Food Lion’s natural refrigerants journey at ATMOsphere America 2017.
  18. Food Lion at ATMOsphere America 2017
  19. Walmart Mexico on transcritical prospects at ATMOsphere America 2017. Check out also Walmart's ammonia & hydrocarbons plans on Ammonia21 Youtube and Hydrocarbons21 Youtube:
  20. Walmart Mexico on transcritical prospects at ATMOsphere America 2017
  21. Harrison Horning of Hannaford talks about lessons learned from a transcritical retrofit in New Hampshire at ATMOsphere America 2017.
  22. Harrison Horning, Hannaford at ATMOsphere America 2017
  23. Andy Baker of YourCleanEnergy described how the installation of a CO2 system had improved efficiency at the Alaska SeaLife Center.
  24. Andy Baker, YourCleanEnergy at ATMOsphere America 2017
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