Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Mother’s Dental Health


  1. Pregnancy is a tough time for every woman. Becoming a mother is tough to comprehend. Your body is expanding from every corner; none of your clothes get fit, hormonal imbalance, anger and stress. Everything is running side by side. Overeating becomes a blessing in disguise for most of the ladies during pregnancy. They think they have another life in themselves; they eat more and more without thinking of the disadvantages of that overeating.
  2. Not only you put a lot of weight but you also don’t care much about carrying yourself among the people you move. Among the entire problem from being obese to stress, the oral cavity and its care remain unattended. That is why this article will be focusing on the awareness of new mothers.
  3. Motherhood and its sensitivity:
    The oral cavity is a least concerned area of the body. Brushing teeth twice a day isn’t enough. While a girl is turning a mother various hormonal imbalance starts taking affect on the health. The mouth becomes acidic and that’s the point which is mostly ignored. Acidity in the stomach is also very dangerous. There is a high risk of heart attack when the acidity last longer. Similarly the case with the oral cavity, if the acidity persists longer it might leads to the diseases of gums, tooth decay or tooth loss.
  4. Oral diseases related to acidic mouth:

  5. Acid Reflux:
    Dentist or the oral surgeons examine the oral cavity by having the history of diseases a patient suffers from. This is the disease that arises from acidic oral cavity and goes into the gastrointestinal tract. The teeth in oral cavity are very important to be treated. This acidic mouth can tear the enamel while manifest broken teeth. The dental professionals have to aware the girls while they are pregnant and breast feeding. If this acid remains in the oral cavity and remain untreated. It can enter the digestive system and enters the blood. This untreated matter can cause illness in the new born as well.
  6. Affected Gums
    Gums are made up of sensitive tissues that can easily be affected by acid present in the oral cavity. Swollen gums, bleeding gums, sore gums are the main symptoms of infection in the oral cavity. This persistent problem in the gums may develop a disease commonly known as gingitive. The pregnant mother is prone to risk in development of gingitive due to acidic mouth due to progesterone hormone released in large amount during pregnancy.
  7. Vomiting and tooth decay
    Most of the pregnant women have morning sickness and continuous vomiting throughout the day. After vomiting most of the women just do gargle and don’t brush. This makes the mouth more acidic that leads to have crushed teeth without knowing the actual reason.
  8. How to cure Acidic mouth and its worse effects:
    Acidity is a common problem not only in pregnant or women that do breastfeeding. This is also common in people that don’t drink ample water that makes you hydrate. Proper water intake is a must to do.
  9. You have never noticed that you don’t take calcium properly to the quantity that is requires. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women must continue the proper diet plan that includes milk, water, fruits and good food. Avoid junk food that makes you obese and give you no strength to fight and make immune system strong. Visit your dentist chandler az on regular basis for a regular checkup.
  10. Your oral cavity requires proper care that includes proper brushing after every vomit, flossing your teeth if the uncertain particle gets stuck with your teeth. Dentists will guide you about your dental care and hygiene.
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