West Virginia reacts to "Buckwild'

It's actually happening. Entertainment Weekly released a video preview today, saying that MTV is "hoping to hit pay dirt (mud?) several hundred miles southwest of New Jersey with Buckwild, a new reality series about nine young-adult friends in small-town West Virginia."

  1. Comments on that story range from the deadpan: "America is going to love this," to the incendiary: "What is really sad is that I watched that video with the sound off and I still heard the stupid southern twang of West Virginia's biggest idiots." (That one garnered at least one "like" within 10 minutes of being published.)
  2. And with that, social media took off. Reviews were... mixed.
  3. now we know how people from Jersey feel about Jersey Shore... #BuckWild is a mess. ew.
  4. Glad to hear MTV is giving folks another reason to hate on wv with this buck wild show. Ha, glad I don't know any one on it #ah hell #i do
  5. I need I know when does #BuckWild premiere... So I can conveniently distract all my non-WVian friends from the TV.
  6. As if West Virginia does not look bad already this show #buckwild will make us have an even worse reputation
  7. Buckwild is going to be a huge embarrassment.
  8. You have to be one sad sucka to be excited about MTV Buckwild. #weird #justsayin
  9. I seriously can't believe they are gonna air that BuckWild show. If you are on any part of that show, please unfollow me. K, thanks.
  10. @KT_Saria @CaraFnParrish @AMarie182 just saw the preview for #buckwild and it's sad that it only reinforces the stereotypes of W.Va. #awful
  11. But at least one cast member, Ashley Whitt, wasn't offended by the criticism:
  12. Keep hatin' in the meantime I'll be laughing all the way to the bank :)
  13. @burford13 I personally think the show is amazing, it's about to be huge! Idc what they say, we r still getting ratings lolll
  14. And she and her show got at least some support from the twitterverse:
  15. I think everyone needs to at least give #buckwild a chance before slamming it, after seeing the trailer I think it kind of looks good lol
  16. Apparently I feel the opposite of everyone else. I can't wait for Buckwild to air. I will watch it religiously every week!! #wolfpen #Jan3rd
  17. Uhm so I'm actually excited for the show #BuckWIld! Oh gosh lol
  18. Here's another cast member, tweeting about the rest of the cast. Follow away!
  19. Some photos of the cast also emerged on Instagram, some posted by friends of the cast:
  20. Ladies of #buckwild 💜
    Ladies of #buckwild 💜
  21. My friends/castmates look badass in this picture. I love it! #Buckwild @mtv #MTV #BuckwildFamily #Badassery
    My friends/castmates look badass in this picture. I love it! #Buckwild @mtv #MTV #BuckwildFamily #Badassery
  22. The reaction in Sissonville, where the show is filmed, seems to be mixed -- activity on Sissonville's Topix page about the show, originally created in January, also exploded when the promo appeared:
  23. And, just for background, here's the MTV release on the program: