The #Underhill22 Graduate Student Colloquium in Tweets

A smallish selection from a list of 1,000+ tweets.


  1. Participants in the 22nd Annual Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium flocked to Twitter over the 48 hours of the conference, leaving a record of tweets for those who missed most of the conference. (*cough*) Below you'll find some of the highlights from the event.
  2. As a warning, this selection says little about the panels themselves. To read more about what was said during the conference, search #Underhill22 in Twitter.
  3. Anticipation behind the scenes

  4. The conference organizers--Emily Cuggy and Sara McGillivray have agonized for months about this conference. It must have been rewarding (and simultaneously terrifying) to watch it all come together.
  5. Sorting out the Twitter etiquette

  6. Some handy tips for tweeting at conferences, a few clarifications around hashtags, and some reflections on virtual presence. We're about to begin.
  7. The Main Event

  8. With a dozen panels, two keynote speakers, a workshop and a few socials, this year's program offered a lot of content for participants.
  9. The active engagement of students, faculty and alumni in the conference speaks to its centrality in the experience of Carleton's Department of History.
  10. Early in the day, the conference started enjoying some free promotion.