NXNEI: EyeWriter inventor Mick Ebeling

Entrepreneur Mick Ebeling, founder of Not Impossible Labs, tells NXNEI 2013 that crowdsourced tools like the EyeWriter can change the medical industry.


  1. The session, about Mick Ebeling's efforts to help ALS-stricken graffiti artist TEMPT create art again, was one of the Star's top picks for the festival. 
  2. Ebeling and an international team worked together to create a low-cost, open source eye-tracking system that allows ALS patients such as TEMPT ((also known as Tempt One or Tempt1) to draw using just their eyes.
  3. The thank-you note. 
  4. Accolades poured in. 
  5. And now there's a documentary about it. 
  6. Why did the Eyewriter project work so well? 
  7. The success spurred Mick Ebeling on to similar projects through his new venture, Not Impossible Labs, which acts like a "matchmaking service" for makers and people with important causes. He says that citizen-based initiatives such as this can revolutionize a well-intentioned but flawed medical industry by cutting through the red tape usually associated with bureaucracy.