My half marathon experiment

Last week I decided to see if I could make my attempt to run the Reading Half Marathon social and, well, geeky using my Pebble Smartwatch. So how did it go?


  1. I began by setting up a collaborative Spotify playlist. I then wrote a quick blogpost, asking friends and followers to help me out by adding to my playlist, and by cheering me along on the day, via tweets sent to my Pebble Smartwatch.
  2. I shared this via Twitter and Facebook and decided to sit back and see what happened. 

  3. You lovely people did me proud.

    In two days, my post had over 800 hits. By the time I went to download the playlist from Spotify on Sunday morning, 89 tunes had been added. And many of them were awesome

  4. This perked me up on what was a grim, rainy morning in Reading. I put on my running gear, ate my pre-race Weetabix, strapped on my Pebble and headed for Reading's Madjeski Stadium with my friend @marb1es.
  5. The weather didn't improve. In fact, it got worse.
  6. ...but as I headed for the start line, the first messages started coming through on my Pebble.
  7. And as the starting gun fired at 10am, I fired up my playlist, and the messages kept coming.