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  1. Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 12 Online.  A shocking death occurs on the Lacrosse field. Scott and his friends are still trying to figure out Gerard's master plan while Derek plans to take him down his own way.  What do you love about Teen Wolf? Well, it’s pretty good. It maybe scary for some blood and dead bodies but it just deals with what teens go through in life and at that same time their first love friends. Now, ladies and guys, Season 2 is kind of amazing so far. Really. Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 10 Online and you’ll surely have a forerunner of it!
  2. Now, we are really cooking with fire! Oops where are my eyebrows?... If you gave Teen Wolf's pilot a shot and then stuck with it for the rest of the season, you know that what began as a sketchy exercise ended up being a surprisingly well-done and addictive serial. More than anything, Season 1's primary goal was to just be a TV show. A lot of effort was put into scaling back the camp and intensifying the horror elements enough so that people would buy this premise as something they'd stick with for the long haul.  And it worked! The mysteries all came together, the characters all found themselves on the same page, and one of TV's best villains in recent memory (R.I.P. Aunt Kate) got her comeuppance. It was hard not to be hopeful for what Season 2 would have in store. But we are already invaded with its ”well job done”. And don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the readily visible, toned abs sported by every male member of the Teen Wolf cast. Eye candy is a wonderful thing! I also have a tendency to get drawn in by all that melodrama. After all, don't we all deep in our secret, teenage hearts want Scott and Alison to overcome the odds and make love work?  

    Teen wolf season 2 episode 12 Synopsis: Allison seeks revenge for her mother’s death while Scott and Stiles find themselves trapped at the sheriff’s station with an increasingly unstable Matt.

    Teen wolf season 2 episode 12 Scott, Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski have finally got information on how to put Matt as the one who committed the murders, but Matt shows up with a gun demanding they destroy all evidence they have. Soon Jackson, as the Kanima, shows up with a paralyzed Derek and then paralyzes Stiles before Matt demands Scott to bring him “the book” so he can figure out what is going with him; he then shows his skin which is turning to that of the Kanima’s. Meanwhile, Allison, grieving over her mother’s suicide,

    Teen wolf season 2 episode 12 is met with her grandfather who persuades her to exact revenge on Derek for bringing her mother to commit suicide and causes Allison to became enraged at Derek and stop at nothing until Derek is dead. She, her father and grandfather soon manage to locate where Jackson is at and figure out that Derek is most likely there and Allison, now in control, sets out the plan; to kill Derek. Eventually, Scott’s mother shows up,

    Teen wolf season 2 episode 12 having gotten called down earlier, and runs into Scott with Matt pointing a gun at him and watches as Matt shoots Scott horrifying her. She is locked in a cell begging Matt to let her look at Scott’s wound, getting mocked by Matt for not getting the hint that Scott isn’t normal. Soon, he reveals to Scott his reason for the murders; all the victims were at a party he was at years earlier and they all left him to die in the

    Teen wolf season 2 episode 12 pool despite him yelling that he cannot swim. Soon, Allison and her family arrive shooting inside the station. Derek, managing to heal himself, attacks Jackson and Scott soons joins in as Matt makes a run for it outside. Scott’s mother finds out he is a werewolf once fully seeing him in werewolf form, crying in response, causing Scott to flee outside and run into Allison’s grandfather, who tells him to leave Jackson and Matt to him and to deal with his mother. Derek overhears them talking and finds out that Scott betrayed him.

    Teen wolf season 2 episode 12 Allison’s grandfather then finds Matt outside and drowns him in the nearby lakeside, where he finds the Kanima and becomes its new master, while Peter Hale watches on.