Why do you go to meet-ups anyway?

Tonight was the second edition of Hacks/Hackers Zurich #HHZrh. That means 2h30 in a train for me. Twice. So why?

  1. UPDATE Jan. 30th:

    Our next #HHZrh meet-up will be a joint epic quest with our friends from opendata.ch (more in German on their website), hosted at Tamedia's, on Feb. 21st, 2014.


    So, do you go to meet-ups?
    I do. A lot.
    Actually it's even worse: I'm part of a group of friends and business partners who do that way too much too. We even tend to think we could make a nice business model from that in a near future.

    Are meet-ups about free booze? Or stickers, maybe? I like both. Tonight was a first nice achievement for our one-month-old Hacks/Hackers local chapter: beers available! No stickers, though (yet) (there's a MOO sales going on. Just sayin').
  2. First reasons why we actually go to a meet-up: to learn stuff, to meet (!) great folks.

  3. Hacks/Hackers chapters are about helping journalists and technologists to meet and know each other better. Wanna start yours? Here's a piece of advice from seasoned Hacks/Hackers organizers in London and Bristol:

  4. #HHLdn + #HHZurich: greetings from Joanna & Sarah, love from Zürich!
  5. So you got it, we talk a lot about technological tools helping journalists to tell stories a bit differently, and pieces of code being, in the end, cool stories. Tonight we had the great pleasure to welcome Lorenz Matzat. You should follow Lorenz on Twitter, by the way.
  6. If you know me a bit, or simply are brave enough to endure me on Instagram or Twitter on a daily basis, you know I love trains. I mean, really. Seems Lorenz do too:
  7. More the conference than the meet-up type? That app, based on re:publica attendants data, blew my mind:
  8. And that's a wrap.
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