Year of Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale

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  1. This was a dynamic interpretation that blurred the boundaries of drama, music and dance. The ecstatic curtain call in which audience and performers goaded each other to ever-greater uproariousness was uplifting and entirely appropriate.
  2. Any production of A Winter's Tale is approached with one question foremost: how will they manage the bear? #ExitPursuedBy #g2g #Yoruba
  3. Yoruba 12th Night starts with bear scene. But there is no bear. Not even a semblance of a bear. #disappointment #g2g
  4. Not only was there no bear but there was no magic (except of the superficial sort), no characterisation, and no respect for the text. The play is constructed Court - Country - Court, but this version reverses the first two, evidently so that the play can begin with the unrelieved buffoonery that ran through the whole evening. The non-stop full-volume ranting of Leontes left no room for any exploration of character, and the romantic countryside section was overwhelmed by endless tomfoolery.
  5. The VERY BEST THING is when a company presents a play you know well in a way you'd never expect, and it WORKS. <3 #G2G
  6. Yoruba Winter's Tale @The_Globe #G2G-starting in Bohemia, flashbacks to Sicilia & surprise unredemptive ending.Plus great comedy & dance.