House hearing on exoplanets: "Have We Found Another Earth?"


  1. Today the House held a hearing on the status and future of exoplanet science. There's a PDF describing the hearing linked at the bottom of this page. Unfortunately I only got the stream to work about 20 minutes in, so the intro stuff is missing, but the stream should be archived so go check that out if you want the full show. 
  2. As in: it's great to build facilities, but it's getting increasingly difficult to fund people to actually do science on those facilities.
  3. Grunsfeld also said here that it was his dream for HST to have some overlap with these facilities. 
  4. Bucshon had a bunch more commentary above about how only the Republicans can save our budgets. 
  5. Except for extremely limited grant funding, presumably.
  6. Didn't get a name check, but he's referring to!