<title> Journalists meet code </title>

Owen Brierley, executive director at Guru Digital Arts College, introduced MediaCamp Edmonton to coding on Feb. 4, 2012 at World Trade Centre Edmonton. Pleasantries aside, both parties were very interested in connecting.


  1. Hypertext markup language, or HTML, was created with the express purpose of making the everyday person a web author. The most basic of text editors can create HTML documents. It's no wonder then that a tool for the masses has become a key tool in the dissemination of news.

    But beyond digital journalists and online editors, few journalists have a working understanding of basic HTML. Coding skills are in high demand for potential employers. These same skills can help a journalist take greater control of their content by creating how it appears and working around bug issues.

    Are you among journalists who don't have a clue when it comes to code? Fear no more. Owen Brierley teaches MediaCamp Edmonton some basic HTML.

    The very first thing you put into an HTML file is a tag <> called html.

    It looks like this <html>

    Everytime you open a tag, you need to close a tag.

    You would close an HTML tag like so </html>. The forward slash indicates the end.

    The anatomy of a tag


    < is an open delimiter, > is a close delimiter.

  2. "tag" is an element

    HTML tags are simple creatures. They have a head and a body.

    Our head is a tag that is placed in between the HTML tags. The second tag is 'nested' into the other.

    Here is some sample basic HTML:



    <title> My Cool HTML </title>



    <h1> Titling for a specific heading that will be the biggest text by default on the page </h1>

    <p> Write your own paragraph </p>



  3. If you're of the group of journalists that know how to code, like Alix Kemp, perhaps some additional learning would be helpful? W3 also offers tutorials and quizzes to sharpen skills.
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    "What I want you to walk away with is an understanding of how tags work," Brierley said. Knowing how tags operate and what can be done to fix their functionality means knowing how to fix the errors that come up in your content management systems.

    Once you have a basic understanding of HTML, using the same syntax you can access new vocabulary and new components of coding.