Apps and news intersect in the digital world

John Connolly, publisher of the Edmonton Journal, and Aaron Clifford, of EgoAnt Productions, talk apps and digital first at MediaCamp Edmonton on Feb. 4, 2012 at the World Trade Centre Edmonton. Journalists and developers must intersect. The digital push is the perfect site for this meeting.


  1. There is a real financial imperative to embrace digital-first initiatives in addition to audience development.
  2. You can't know what platform will be your best option until you adequately articulate your specific goals. Apps for engaging lifelong readers will be different than apps intended to reach a larger, newer audience.
  3. Development doesn't end after the launch, says Aaron Clifford. The developer and news organization need to work together to guide the product on both ends.
  4. But what happens once you've guided the app? Why do some still fail while others that have had similar pushes succeed?
  5. Mack suggests that the user experience will influence app success. If users can't understand the interface or find the app difficult to use consistently, the app will need re-working.
  6. Danielle points to a local example to show how continued development based on user feedback can improve an app.
  7. Taking no for an answer is not an option in the digital application world. Take note, developers.
  8. Combining the skills of storytelling and coding will make you a rare unicorn in high demand.