Quick lifehack to getting an official sex offender map for free

Sex offender maps exist as a a safety feature. Convicted sex offenders are legally bound to report their whereabouts and places of residence to the justice people.


  1. As a result a sex offender registry is formed. If you google "YOUR STATE NAME sex offender map" you will see results with sex offender locations on the map, but just for your state. It's not always convenient to look for safe places to live that way and many people want an all-US, national sex offender map.

    There is a trick to getting what you need. A free app called AlertID gathers official info from verified state sources and builds a nationwide sex offender map. All you need to do to access it is download the free app and install it. Again, it's free.

    AlertID does something you can never do yourself unless you spend tons of time: it actually alerts you when a sex offender moves nearby. How it works is when a sex offender changes his or her place of residence, they alert the police. The police data then goes into the sex crime registry and AlertID gets it also instantly, since it's a verified partner of those guys.

    As a result you get a sound signal and a messafge when a sex offender appears on a map near you. It's brilliant. So much for your safety!

    I am a mother of five, and I tremble at the thought that something nasty may happen to my kids. That is why I prefer to stay informed about convicted sex offenders living near me, know how they look and take extra security measures. Thanks to AlertID being infromed is easy - I've been using it for several years already so get it too!