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It's about time we have a documentary, made by an openly Conservative commentator and author, that doesn't look to manipulative, slander, or propagate information and spill it onto the American public attempting to create hysteria and feed fear. The commentator/author is Dinesh D'Souza, without a doubt one of the most enticing and appealing filmmakers we've gotten this year and his film, 2016: Obama's America, based on his novel, The Roots of Obama's Rage, is one of the best documentaries of the year. D'Souza further explores the hypothesis he originally proposed in his 2010 article for Forbes magazine about president Barack Obama breathlessly trying to fulfill his father's dream of an anti-colonialist society, as well as diving into his struggle with multiple relationships and alcoholism. It is reported that Obama only had contact with his father once, at a very young age, but had his spirit kept alive by his mother's constant stories of his father and his views on the world. It too explores his father's influences from known communists like Frank Marshall Davis, and how Obama may have had contact with Bill Ayers, a Weather Underground terrorist. D'Souza carefully touches on these subjects and refuses to hammer his ideology into anyone's head. In one of the strongest examinations of this president I have yet to see, D'Souza compiles a montage detailing why Obama is perhaps the most interesting and most contradictory Democrat to ever run for and hold office. We see how Obama has greatly lowered the US's nuclear warheads from 5,000 to 1,500, while other countries continue to stand firm on their count. We see how Obama is selective about his battles, being outspoken about Egypt's uprising and the overthrowing of their president, Hosni Mubarak, but how collectively silent he has been about the ongoing uprising Syria is still facing. And let's not forget his decision to ignore the Keystone Pipeline, yet donations for oil drilling in places like Brazil and Mexico. D'Souza uses Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama's novel about the relationship with his father he carried out in spirit, his influences, and further teachings that frighteningly compare with socialism and Marxism, to further along his claims as excerpts from the book are frequently heard. Paul Vitz, a New York University psychology, sits down with D'Souza to evaluate Obama's youth and life without a formal father figure, and how he may be attempting to live out his father's legacy by implementing his viewpoints on the American people. Also interviewed is Obama's half brother, George, who currently resides in Kenya, stating he is satisfied with his brother helping him indirectly, saying that he is taking care of the world and the world includes him. Bold words from someone living in a hut, while his brother is holding the highest office in a totally different country. The film concludes with the daunting and blunt question that this picture was predicated on and that is where will America be in 2016 if Obama is reelected? Can America take another four years of a president whose original promises in 2008 proved to be nothing more than empty statements of fluff and manipulation? The question is left for the viewer to thoroughly contemplate. This is not a Conservative documentary in the conventional sense. It isn't bombastic in its views or preachy about its subjects, or even manipulative and overly biased. It's smart, effective, and sure to have a lasting impact on its viewers. It brings intelligent points to light, shows audiences that is filmmaker is more than a talking head and a prolific thinker, and doesn't seem to take a stance on topics that one would believe need a bias in order to be discussed. This is what you call, well, a documentary that does its job and doesn't cut corners in the process when the big questions need answers. NOTE: The MPAA's justification for 2016: Obama's America's PG-rating is preposterous, which is "for strong language and smoking." I recall scattered instances of small language and a picture or two of Barack Obama smoking. The PG-rated is justified. Its explanation is banal. Starring: Dinesh D'Souza, George Obama, and Paul Vitz. Directed by: Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan.