Google Has Just Declared That It's Critical For Your Website To Be Mobile-Friendly

Google has recently recognized the fact that people use their smartphones first thing in the morning, last thing at night and countless times in-between.


  1. Google has recently recognized the fact that people use their smartphones first thing in the morning, last thing at night and SEO Des Moines countless times in-between. Whether it's for business, pleasure or a mix of the two, the smartphone is the device that no one wants to be without. Anyone who owns a small business website and ignores this fact is going to lose potential customers.

    Why Does it Matter if the Website is Mobile-Friendly?

    When people search the web on a smartphone, they have short attention spans. If the first site they pull up is not mobile-friendly, slow to load or difficult to find information on, they will quickly move on to the next site. Why does this matter? Well, 80% or more internet searchers use a mobile device. A lot of people do most of their research for a product or service on their mobile device. Businesses who depend on local customers need to realize that 78% of local mobile searches will result in an offline purchase. The competition's site is mobile-friendly. Check it out on your own smart-phone.

    How Will Being Mobile-Friendly Affect a Site's Rankings in Search Engines?

    The first thing to realize is that if a site is not highly ranked for appropriate keyword searches, it's invisible in practical terms. Most searchers never look past page 1 of the search results. (When was the last time you looked at page 2?) About 30% of searchers will click on the first organic (unpaid) link. The site needs to be optimized so that logical keyword searches will put the site in the top 3 search results. Although there are several popular search engines, when Google speaks, the wise website owner listens, according to Des Moines Web Design.

    Google's Mobile Update

    Early in 2015, Google announced that they intended to update their search algorithms so that mobile-friendly websites would rank higher than sites that were not. The update became official on April 21st, boosting mobile search rankings for mobile-friendly (legible and usable) pages. As a result, some websites will experience increased traffic because of a higher ranking. Others will see a decline. Google's update addresses some of the problems that mobile users have found the most frustrating, such as text that must be tapped or zoomed and unplayable content.

    Highlights of the update include:

    This update only affects search rankings for mobile devices.

    The update applies to individual pages, not to the website as a whole.

    The change is global, affecting search results in all languages.

    If it's time to make your website mobile-friendly, Des Moines Web Design knows how to make your website easy to use. They are experienced in understanding what it takes to get the rankings that will turn visitors into customers. Talk to the experts who understand Web Design Des Moines and work with you to achieve your goals.