Chondropathy patella: Symptoms, Treatment and Intervention

Got knee joint pain? The chondropathy Patella is a disease that affects the cartilage tissue that surrounds the bone.


  1. Common Causes of Severe Knee Joint Pain - The chondropathy Patella is a disease that affects the cartilage tissue that surrounds the bone. The cartilage of the knee, which has the task to damp the forces exerted on ' articulation, no longer able to perform its function. That's why they appear some symptoms characteristic, such as pain around the kneecap, a feeling of crunching and swelling. To solve this problem you need a specific therapy with exercises targeted. In other cases you may want to undergo a surgery.

    With regard to the symptoms of patellar chondropathy, must specify that sometimes the disease may be asymptomatic. It 'a disease which tends to affect mainly the sports and particularly those who practice race, you feel a sensation of pain in front of or around the kneecap.

    Typically this painful feeling appears when climbing stairs or when you are kneeling or sitting too long, keeping your knees bent. The subject can hear a crunch when stretched knees. The knee may be affected by some swelling. More specifically, there is also talk of patellofemoral syndrome, also known as “runner’s knee ". It can be caused by trauma, overload or bone abnormalities.

    The treatment for patellar chondropathy consists in the use of special exercises, within the scope of physiotherapy. In the acute phase of the disease is at rest and then you can wear a brace, which has the task of maintaining centered the patella. It may also intervene with the magnet and a program of training to stretch and strengthen muscles. Through the cryotherapy reduces the pain and inflammation.

    As for the sport that you can practice, important utility may be dictated by swimming or cycling. May be necessary infiltration of hyaluronic acid. The exercises to practice may consist in the squat, the contraction of the quadriceps with a pillow under the knees or standing on the stairs, through the descent of the leg. Keep in mind that, in terms of recovery time, it takes about two months to eliminate the pain. Just in two weeks of physical therapy to return to usual daily activities.

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    Intervention for patellar chondropathy can be considered one of the typical in the field of ' orthopedics. It is not always necessary, but only in more complex cases. The transaction, which must follow rehabilitation, aims to target the recovery of the function of the cartilage. In particular, the surgery is employed in the case where there is dislocation of the patella. You typically use the surgical treatment carried out by means of arthroscopy. It takes into account a section of the ligament on the outside and proceeds to suture the medial capsule. Only in rare cases will proceed with the transposition of insertion of the patellar tendon, a rather invasive procedure.

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