Yamaha P115 - Is it the right choice for you?

In this article we discuss the Yamaha P115 digital piano...

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  1. Digital Piano Discussion: Yamaha P115
  2. Why choose a digital piano such as the Yamaha P115?

  3. There are many reasons why someone may want to choose a digital piano (such as the Yamaha P115) over a traditional acoustic piano.

    Portability: Obviously digital pianos are far more portable than their acoustic counterparts due to the fact that they are usually smaller and weigh less. Even those digital pianos that look like real acoustic pianos carry much less mass and can be broken down easily for carrying and transportation purposes.

    Cost: The cost of purchasing a digital piano is usually far less than that of an acoustic one. In addition, acoustic pianos require the keys to be tuned every so often, so that is another factor that tends to make them more pricey.

    Versatility: Digital pianos come with a wide range of extra sounds, instruments and settings, which means you can add in so much more to your playing at the touch of a few buttons. Not only that, but you can also control the volume of the key volume output, as well as wear headphones to reduce the noise output you’re making as a whole. These are things that cannot be done with a traditional piano.

    Connectivity & recording: Most digital pianos nowadays have ports and inputs that allow you to record as you are playing, which can be very beneficial in a plethora of ways. It makes it much easier for users if they are able to extract the music they have played in variety of ways (direct recording, saved to memory card etc…).

    Learning: Many digital pianos will have built-in learning aids and tools, such as metronomes, lessons and access to online courses and resources. Some models may even feature dual headphones jacks that allow two users to hear what is being played, which is great for teacher and pupil scenarios.
  4. What must you take into consideration before buying?

  5. The Yamaha P115 Digital Piano
    The Yamaha P115 Digital Piano
  6. There are three main considerations that must be taken into account before choosing a digital piano. These are as follows:

    Room & portability: Are you limited by a certain size of space? Will you need to be transporting the piano anywhere, or will it be staying put in your home/studio? Be sure to check the dimensions and weight of any prospective digital piano before purchasing to ensure that they will fit where you’ll need them to (house, car, van etc….).

    Playing level: What is your level? Are you a beginner, an intermediate player, a professional musician or somewhere else along the piano playing spectrum? If you’re new to it then a low-cost model with a few extras and learning aids will probably suffice until your playing improves. If you’re a professional then you’ll no doubt require an advanced model with many features and it’ll probably make sense to pay more attention to the finer details of a digital piano (which isn’t necessary as a novice).

    Cost: What is your budget? Luckily, due the number of models in the market nowadays, there are pianos available at most price points, so whatever your budget is you should be able to find a suitable digital piano for your needs.

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