1. Much has been said recently on the rumored delays of Ivy Bridge. Some say it's manufacturing, some say its to buy more time for OEMs to clear out Sandy Bridge. Whatever the cause, it's apparent we won't see Ivy Bridge on April 8th.
  2. The other report on the Ivy Bridge delay has indicated that this delay is only related to the dual core variant (core i3).
  3. We also see that the mobile version of Ivy Bridge is going to be delayed.
  4. Overclockers has reported a more specific timeline for the release of Ivy Bridge. I'm not sure how accurate this is, but it probably gives us a good overall view.
  5. With all the rumors floating around about Ivy Bridge delays, it can be difficult to know what the real story is (especially when the Intel people don't even have a specific answer). What we can take from this is that April 8th will not be the day - and we may wait 1-2 months to see the new release.