Why AAA Storage in Hudson is a Good Option for Your Business

Self Storage Hudson has also drawn the attention of business owners as well.


  1. It is true that most aaa-storage.com facilities are used primarily for the temporary storage of non-essential household belongings. Typically when moving from one residence to another, people will store furniture, clothing, collectibles among other items in order to help ease the burden of moving everything at once. It also helps to "stage" the house for showing to potential buyers.

    Self Storage Hudson has also drawn the attention of business owners as well. Using self-storage facilities to keep excess inventory and supplies is a huge benefit to both commercial and home-based business owners. With the exception of hazardous or perishable materials and items, nearly everything a business uses can be stored safely and securely.

    If a business is expanding or even downsizing, it is more economical to rent storage space month-by-month, even long term, rather than get locked into a lease by renting commercial property. By renting a unit at a self-storage facility, businesses can remove their belongings at any time without penalty. In addition, many self-storage facilities offer business services such as Wi-Fi, logistic and moving assistance, delivery and package receipt and printing, copying and faxing services. For temperature or humidity sensitive items like computers, electronics and furniture, businesses may choose indoor (climate-controlled) units.

    When comparing self-storage facilities for business needs consider these amenities:

    Security– Does the facility have an on-site manager? This means that the facility has a representative that lives on the premises. If not, does the facility offer video surveillance or monitoring? Is there a guard on the premises? Is the facility completely fenced in and is there a gate code required for entry?

    Accessibility– Most self-storage facilities do not offer access 24/7, so check with the manager to see if arrangements can be made.

    Storage Options– Many self-storage facilities offer both indoor and outdoor storage. Indoor storage is climate-controlled with a constant year-round temperature. Outdoor storage units are not open the elements, but they can get very warm, or cold inside, depending on the temperature. Some storage facilities offer space for RV's, boats, trailers and heavy construction equipment.
    Business that can especially benefit from self-storage facilities include:

    Independent Sales – Self-storage is an excellent choice for sales people. Whether they sell jewelry, cosmetics, appliances or home goods, individuals or businesses can store their inventory in a unit size appropriate for their supply.

    Restaurants/Caterers/Clubs – Perfect for storing non-perishable food stuff, cookware, appliances, tables, linens, decorations and more.

    Professionals – Most businesses have record-keeping requirements be it for inventory, receipts or invoices. Many professionals such as attorneys, medical and dental professionals, realtors, contractors and accountants are a few that benefit from using self-storage facilities.

    No matter the business, the primary advantage of using AAA Storage Hudson is cost savings. On average, the cost of renting storage space through a self-storage facility is almost 60-percent less than the cost of renting commercial space. For businesses large and small, the convenience of self-storage cannot be understated, especially when located close to their business.