My First Isetta

A really early smart car, still hanging around, soon to return?


  1. May 2009, I was in Ann Arbor visiting my parents.  It was still the depths of the recession and very rough times in the auto industry, but it was a sunny, pleasant Saturday, and a lot of car enthusiasts were out in full force.  The most notable of them all was stopping by Stadium Hardware.

    The ISETTA
  2. He was especially happy with the 40 to 50 miles per gallon this little car delivered while delivering him around town.
  3. My Dad is vintage 1927, this car, 1957.   Both had close ties to WW II.

    Word of the return of the Isetta came out in 2008, but I haven't heard or seen much of that news, since.    Could be electric, could be something else. 

  4. The Isetta was not universally beloved -witness a recent "worst ten" list from a downriver newspaper (Southgate, south of Detroit) counted the Isetta as the third worst car, ever.  Worse than the Yugo.
    The article quotes as writing that "The whole car was a crumple zone."
  5. Meanwhile, the Isetta may be on the back burner by BMW due to the great success of the BMW Mini. 
  6. So, not sure if we'll see any more Isettas beyond the ones out there.  Glad I saw my first with my Dad.