TEDx Talk How Baltimore Grows: Evidence from Neighborhood Data

At TEDxBaltimore 2013 the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance demostrated how 10 year's worth of neighborhood quality of life indicators can help us understand what is working in neighborhoods right now and why some neighborhoods are growing. Over the next decade, access to networks (transit, broadband, information) and addressing crumbling infrastructure (vacant and abandoned housing) are the critical resources that need to be brought to all of Baltimore's neighborhoods so that they can grow. Getting onto networks is about creating a more equitable city, where everyone has equal access to other places of opportunity in the region and around the world. Dealing with our crumbling infrastructure is about environmental justice because these neighborhoods are disproporationately impacted by areas that have been abandoned by others. Networks = Equity Instructure = Justice These are all issues at the heart of the TEDx movement! Next time someone asks you about why Baltimore grows, you too will be able to give a data-driven answer!


  1. Access to Networks allow neighborhoods to reap the benefits of the flow of resources, ideas and information
  2. Neighborhoods with vacant housing are left to deal with infrastructure that other people left behind