Improving Farm Efficiency Helps Farmers and Their Communities

Efficiency is vital in a world where the population continues to expand and the land available for farming decreases.


  1. There are approximately two million farms in the United States. Some of these are family farms that exist for self-sufficiency only while the rest are for-profit endeavors. The success of each farm does not only affect the people living and working in the business. It is a global concern because the work they perform helps to feed the world. This is why so many other business people are involved in making all farms more productive.

    Need for Efficiency

    Efficiency is vital in a world where the population continues to expand and the land available for farming decreases. Every acre of land needs to produce more and produce it faster than what it once was capable of achieving. It is a feat that is not easy to accomplish.

    Desire for Technology

    Like all other industries, the farming community is always on the lookout for innovative technology to aid their efforts. GPS programs, field sensors, and even robots help farmers to engage in what is known as precision farming.

    This is a detailed approach to planting and tending crops based on their specific need rather than what is traditionally done in the area. Fertilization, water and time of planting are monitored, so every task is done at the most beneficial moment.

    Loyalty to Tradition

    Many in the farming industry were raised in this lifestyle and continue it as a family tradition. For them, it is important to maintain the routines passed down through generations of farmers. However, this does not mean that old traditions cannot be improved even as they are maintained.

    An example of this is a piece of equipment known as the Seed Treater. Farmers that were repeatedly frustrated with the wait for treated seed or experienced inadequately treated products now have another option. The machine gives farmers the opportunity to do the work for themselves and avoid previous complications.

    All solutions offer the American farmer the opportunity to provide more for their family and community without a huge investment in labor or land. Some solutions, like the Seed Treater, seem surprisingly basic but efficient. Others are complex technological advancements like precision farming software. All are equally important and when used together help to make every community more abundant.