The SecurityTwits Weekly Recap

This is the weekly recap of what's been going on with the SecurityTwits on Twitter. It is in ascending timeline order.

  1. RT @arahel_jazz: @securitytwits - #ISSA PHX looking for #CISSP Instructor for an Oct. 2012 bootcamp. PM me if you know someone good.
  2. RT @jack_daniel: Hey, it's the third Wednesday of the month- that means BeanSec! tonight.
  3. RT @kaospunk: Looking for Staff + Senior Penetration Testers. Come work on fun assessments on a GREAT team! o or-security-consultant-profiling-penetration.aspx
  4. RT @biosshadow: Does anyone have any info on the hack/leak? Looking for date of incident. please RT. @securitytwits
  5. RT @RonW123: Friend has openings for a good paying, 6-9 mo security gig in Cincinnati. DM me if you're interested and I'll make the connection.
  6. RT @tazdirania: I need sparky, bright, developers with degrees and some commercial exp in the UK for careers in pen-testing. #itsecurityjobs #infosecjobs
  7. RT @wimremes: if you're gonna sit for the CISSP this year, make sure you take into account recent domain changes : uploadedFiles/Credentials_and_Certifcation/About_Our_Credentials_and_Process/2012-CIB-Updates.pdf
  8. RT @bonsaiviking: Need testers for @nmap #NSE patch for better #NFS support: nmap-dev/2012/q2/54 No recompile ninfosecqlease RT. #infosecq
  9. And 'you', I mean 'your'. The #source Seattle CFP is open. Go get your submission in. #infoseccfp