SecuritTwits Weekly Recap: 6/28 - 7/4

Here is the recap of what went on on the SecurityTwits feed last week.

  1. First, we have a new service. If you are an information security professional looking for employment, let @SecurityTwits know and we will RT your availability via @SecTwitsForHire (

    How do you let us know? Tweet that you are looking for work and tag it #sectwitforhire. You will need to include what kind of work you are looking for and a link to some information about yourself such as your LinkedIn page or online resume.
  2. Now on to what went on starting with infosec questions (#infosecq)

  3. RT @Rootx60: @securitytwits @c3llardoor anyone know of a good information gathering tool for backtrack 5 other than the ones it has.
  4. RT @Rootx60: @securitytwits @c3llardoor anyone know of a good information gathering tool [...](Tried Maltego, FOCA or www. peakyou .com?)
  5. RT @pwpslade: #infosecq Has anyone bought a cheap Chinese-made Android (eg. ) and checked to see if/what it sends back to China?
  6. RT @bdpuk: Does anyone know any software for live rendering web traffic you're mitm'ing on another device? @securitytwits
  7. @bdpuk @securitytwits Port mirroring. I assume “rendering” means you can view what the data is showing ie web page?
  8. @bdpuk @securitytwits dsniff has a tool for this. Also, while not exactly real time, try Netwitness Investigator.
  9. RT @BrianHonan: Can anyone help @lactichaze ?? Looking for a NFS v3/v4 hardening guide
  10. Nest, here are the jobs that were posted.
  11. RT @DIsolda: Are you an #infosec sales eng? Looking for a new opp? af627f 110k-125k base in the Northeinfosecjobsecjobs #salesjobs #itjobs
  12. RT @Acumin: Technical Pre-Sales Consultant - Location: Thames Valley Salary package: £30 - 55,000 .uinfosecjobs2640/index0/Technical-Pre-Sales-Consultant-Thames-Valley #infosecjobs
  13. RT @anewsecurityjob: Job opportunity: IS Security Manager at Dixons Retail Group - Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom #infosecjobs
  14. RT @lil_lost: Still looking for Security Analysts, Nessus, Vuln mgmt, patch mgmt in baltimore or nashville DM for details US only cc:@securitytwits
  15. And here are folks looking for work. Remember, inclusion in the @SecTwitsForHire feed is not an endorsement and is for informational purposes only. Please contact the individual directly.

  16. RT @daveymcmillan: Currently looking for a long-term career as an Incident Responder or Analyst ... 5r