Why the Paleo Plan Makes Perfect Sense

What are some of the most discussed and controversial foods today? Soy, sugar and grains are at the top of the list.


  1. What are some of the most discussed and controversial foods today? Soy, sugar and grains are at the top of the list. Soy has been associated with numerous health problems in women due to its ability to mimic estrogen and cause an increase of estrogen in the bloodstream. Sugar causes weight gain, is bad for the teeth and is the main cause of Type 2 diabetes. Gluten-free diets abound as people seek to get away from the discomfort wheat can cause, as well as the weight it packs on.

    The problem is that these items, as well as processed foods are rarely all warned against in the same diet. One plan will encourage dieters to eat more grains or to replace dairy with soy. Another plan will allow people a little of everything – in the form of a frozen, highly-processed dinner. What is the result? Failure.

    The sad part is that the dieter will be the one who believes they have failed. The truth is, the diet failed them. The human body needs certain things to thrive, and it cannot properly process other foods correctly. It is interesting that people will be aware of a full list of foods their cats and dogs cannot eat, but never consider the fact that there are many things humans should not be eating as well.

    The Paleo diet changes that. It addresses the fact that the healthiest diet is one that feeds the body the foods that nourish it and prevent disease. By consuming these products and avoiding sugary foods, processed foods, dairy and grain, they will be mimicking the way hunter/gatherer societies once ate. During this period, the humans were healthy, fit and had very few of the diseases that are common today. Their senses were heightened as well.

    Humans have the power to be this way again. It is not about evolution; it is about repeatedly poisoning the system with unnecessary foods. The Paleo diet can seem complex initially, but experts like dr. lane sebring m.d. help to break down the plan and make it easier to understand. There is a lot of information available in books and online, but the best place for curious beginners to start is here. Check out the facts and decide if this plan may be the one that finally succeeds.