TeAM Serene


Issaquah, WA resident. Volunteer search and rescue tech. Ham radio enthusiast, weight lifter.

Crystal Aguilar

Apollonian/Dionysian personality with a flair for red and turquoise, obsessed with achieving personal goals, and a heart for Australian Shepherds & polar bears

Taite Pryor

Public Relations Coordinator at WGU Washington. Tweets are my own.

Raina Beutel

aspiring news reporter for the city of Detroit

BBC Pop Up

BBC's new mobile bureau. We are journalists who relocate to a new US town each month. You give us local story ideas. We create videos based on your suggestions.

Evin Shinn

A teacher, talker, loser, blogger. And someone with always SOMETHING to say. Who happens to love Jesus and hot guys. #gaychristian? Yep, that's me.

Natalie Vosberg

Senior advertising major at UNT

Lee Meade

Tennis, Golf, Soccer, London, New York, Politics, History.

Eric Fisher

Seattle, father, technology, community, opinions, ordinance, ordnance, salvation. Not necessarily in that order.

Ben Jones

I lead Tableau Public, blog at Author of Communicating Data With Tableau & teach dataviz at UW. Views are my own


Writing things down on and off the internet/ Music lover/Literary enthusiast / Polymath

Clay Duda

intrepid news guy

Tracy Romoser

Writer and editor looking for the next thing to blab about (in a professional manner, of course).

McGrawHill Education

We deliver personalized learning experiences that improve outcomes for the world's students, educators and professionals. Links and RTs are not endorsements.