1. Sketching in the rain at Blaine Stairway was a great exercise in balance. I managed to draw my favorite sketch of the year while holding my umbrella, my sketchbook and my drawing tools. [Stairway hike up to Capitol Hill
  2. Sketching opened the doors to places I didn't even know existed. At the International Fountain, I walked the underground tunnel leading to the control room 45 feet below the fountain's jets. [Our DJ for fountain play]
  3. Seattle International Fountain
    Seattle International Fountain
  4. At the 520 bridge, I went inside one of the pontoons that keep the highway afloat. Back in February, it was free to cross the bridge, but now tolling is in place. How's that working for you? [A bridge to many views]
  5. Seattle loves soccer and so do I. Sketching the Emerald City Supporters at Brougham End inside Qwest Field felt like being at Camp Nou. But who needs Barça in Seattle when we have the Sounders! [Color me sea green and sky blue]
  6. I mingled with the largest number of dogs I've ever seen in one place at Marina Park dog beach in Edmonds. The visit turned out to be great therapy for my fear of canines. [A touch of UW at Edmonds beach]
  7. Marina Beach Park, Edmonds
    Marina Beach Park, Edmonds
  8. The viaduct started coming down in 2011, changing the landscape of the city's waterfront. I just wish I had drawn more of it pre-Viadoom. [The beginning of the end for the Viaduct, A day under Viaduct, A word on the Viaduct demolition: "Gorgeous."
  9. Sketching the Alaskan Viaduct demolition
    Sketching the Alaskan Viaduct demolition
  10. The photo you see above was taken by Tim Willis, a reader of the blog who emailed it to me a few days later. "I enjoy reading your blog and wanted to say thanks for keeping it up," he wrote. That made my day. Thanks Tim!
  11. During a summer break, I took my sketchbook to Lisbon, where I attended the second International Urban Sketching Symposium. [Postcard from Lisbon]