What Exactly Do Sea Monkeys Eat?

By learning what sea monkeys do and don’t eat, and understanding how much to give them you can help your sea monkeys enjoy a longer and healthier life.


  1. If you’ve thought to raise sea monkeys, it’s vital that you try your best to feed them the right food to help them flourish as well as live as long as possible. What do sea monkeys eat? Sea monkeys, also called brine shrimp, are filter feeders and filter feeders acquire their food via the water around them. Like other types of crustaceans, they go after phytoplankton and algae in the wild. However, you might find a tiny bit of food for the sea monkeys if you purchase them in a kit, it is important to really know what they eat so that you can arrange food for them someday.

    What do sea monkeys eat as babies? When they are babies, or in their nauplii form, they already have energy reserves saved in their egg, which gives them with the meals that they need. After about 5 days, this energy reserve runs dry, and that is when you require to start with feeding your sea monkeys. At this time, you will need to ensure they really are fed every 5 days roughly.

    Precisely what do ‘grown up’ sea monkeys eat? There are several food alternatives to opt for when feeding your brine shrimp. First, you can provide your sea monkeys some powdered algae or pre-prepared sea monkey or brine shrimp food (which is likely to be some type of powdered algae). Other food options you may feed them include powdered yeast, hard-boiled egg yolks and wheat flour.

    Since phytoplankton and algae are what sea monkeys eat in the wild, a lot of people try to go to collect these food items from a nearby lake or ocean. However, it’s very important to avoid this process. As you collect these foodstuffs from local water, pollutants in water could contaminate the food items, as well as the water you collect with the food. You don’t need to introduce harmful substances or dangerous bacteria to your tank of sea monkeys any time you add some food, so it’s a good idea to avoid this option.

    Now you understand the reply to the question, what can sea monkeys eat, it’s extremely important to know how to feed the food items to them too. Because they consume food through the water, you will need to add some food to the water inside the tank. The best way to add it really is to get rid of a little tank water in the clean (and rinsed) cup or glass, stir in a small pinch of sea monkey food, after which place the tank water and food into the tank. This makes it easier for the brine shrimp to reach the food all over the entire tank.

    Take into account, a little food will go a long way, as your sea monkeys are so small. Avoid overfeeding your pets, since uneaten food will become waste, which can produce ammonia. Ammonia can kill your pets, so just be sure you only allow them to have a very small pinch of food in order to avoid harming their environment, or maybe your sea monkeys. One method for you to tell if your sea monkeys are getting enough to eat is usually to check they regularly possess a thin black line down their backs - this line is their digestive tract and if it’s black then this means it’s full.

    By learning what sea monkeys do and don’t eat, and understanding how much to give them you can help your sea monkeys enjoy a longer and healthier life.

    By David Franklin author of Sea Monkeys & Brine Shrimp, A Keepers Handbook