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Powerball came to California Monday. Cha-ching!

The first jackpot for the 43-state lottery will be drawn Wednesday and is estimated to be $60 million. Some Californians couldn't resist the chance for such a lucrative payout. Others couldn't stop joking about it. A sense of camaraderie permeated the country. Or was that just the smell of cash?


  1. With the Golden State's entry into the national lottery, only Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada Utah and Wyoming don't participate. Tickets are $2 a pop and the drawings, held at Universal Studios in Orlando since 2009, offer contestants a chance to win at least $40 million each time. 
  2. The California Lottery Commission voted unanimously in late November to join Powerball. The vote came one day after two winning tickets shared the largest jackpot in the game's history: $587 million. That Nov. 28, 2012, jackpot sent San Diegans scurrying to Yuma for a shot at the big time.
  3. It even prompted well-known and well-paid National Football League wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to snap up tickets, just about a year after signing a $120 million deal to play football for the Arizona Cardinals. He said at the time he'd split his earnings with anyone who retweeted him. Nearly 30,000 people did to no avail.
  4. Monday's launch of Powerball didn't reach those heights of madness. But it stirred up social media.
  5. There was waiting in San Lorenzo!
  6. Excitement in Orange County!
  7. Slogans in Long Beach!
  8. Trend-setting in Los Angeles!
  9. There was even Haiku in the Central Valley!
  10. And skepticism? That was everywhere.
  11. So what does San Diego think? I turned to Twitter to find out ... and I instantly got Padres jokes.